Author Topic: flexRAID take 100% CPU and throttles application throughput  (Read 1732 times)

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flexRAID take 100% CPU and throttles application throughput
« on: August 22, 2012, 05:38:11 pm »
I'm looking to replace my unRAID system and testing out flexRAID with Pooling and Snapshot RAID.  I've installed it as a component in the Zentyal server, which I have to say, I do like, and would like to keep it as a replacement for both my file server and firewall thin client.  This is running on a dual Opteron 252 board with 12G installed.

I noticed when running UseNetExplorer that it was responding extremely slowly in the GUI.  On checking the Zentyal server, I could see that flexRAID was constantly at 100% CPU.  Also, when trying to download some files that normally would take a matter of minutes, UseNetExplorer was estimating a time of 12 hours, based on the current download rate.

I tried stopping and starting UseNetServer, the Pool, and the service, but it always reverts back to 100% usage.

There were a couple of oddities I noticed when trying to stop/re-start the pool.  Trusting to my memory, as I didn't write everything down, here's what I observed:
  • 100% CPU usage
  • Stop pool from UI
  • Attempted start of pool from UI.  Failed with:  /MyPool contains existing data, but must be empty
  • Checking on Zentyal, my pool mount point, /MyPool, still showed all the pooled directories and data
  • Killed the flexRAID service
  • Now an "ls" or a "df" report /MyPool as:  Transport endpoint is not connected.  I didn't try an "ls /" to see what that would have reported
  • Restarting the service, which automatically re-starts the pool, restored access to /MyPool
  • Running UseNetExplorer goes back to 100% CPU and snail's pace downloading
UseNetServer is accessing the files over a gigabit network, using the built in Samba from Zentyal.

I've attached the standard logs here.  What else can I capture to diagnose this, as the performance is totally unacceptable like this.