Author Topic: Adding drives with data - to a Hyper-V Flexraid  (Read 2299 times)

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Adding drives with data - to a Hyper-V Flexraid
« on: January 06, 2013, 01:20:13 pm »
Connect/RDP into FR Box v0.1 ALPHA

Step 1: Login and stop the pool
Step 2: Power off VM

On Host - Server

Step 3: Place drive(s) into bay
Step 4: Goto Computer Manager -> Storage -> Disk Management - confirm the drive is set to Offline mode
Step 5: Document - drive name, position/location in server - for Ref (on the Server drive bay and in documentation)
Step 6: Open Hyper-V manager and goto Settings for the Guest VM - FR Box
Step 7: Add the drive as the next "SCSI or drive" make certain to not change the other drives - save and exit
Step 8: Start the FR Box, (Power On)

RDP/Connect - FR Box

Step 9: Goto computer manger and activate the new drive
Step 10: Now Login to the Flexraid UI
Step 11: Edit configuration and add the new DRU
Step 12: Update
Step 13: Start the Pool
Step 14: From another machine connect to the pool and confirm the data
Step 15: Done