Author Topic: Troubleshooting - Hyper-V Guest w Flexraid  (Read 4178 times)

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Troubleshooting - Hyper-V Guest w Flexraid
« on: January 08, 2013, 02:45:05 pm »
Troubleshooting; v0.1


1) Your Hyper-V "Bare-Metal" Host - contains all of the physical storage (i.e. Drives are internally connected inside the chassis/server to any type of SATA ports)
2) Your drives are tested with SMART for Defects and are Spinning up - test with HD Sentinel to know which have issues

Common Issues (as of 01/08/2013)

* We have our FR (Flex Raid) Guest setup to auto start with the Host with a delay of 60 seconds
* We have our FR Array setup to start with the Guest with a delay of 120 seconds

Issue #1: Our FR Guest fails to start with errors stating -

'YOUR SERVER NAME HERE' Synthetic SCSI Controller (Instance ID 4A22D817-94A0-4712-978F-69C6281BECB7): Failed to Power on with Error 'The system cannot find the file specified.' (0x80070002). (Virtual machine ID 6A0C6EDD-D887-4913-A3C7-0ADCC157CFA9)

Solution #1: Drives failed to mount from the Host to the Guest for some reason; (we think it is a drive spin-up issue or the drive is actually experiencing failures)

From your Host - or Bare Metal / Physical Server

Step 1: Make sure your Guest is not started (it should not be becuase of this error) but dbl-check
Step 2: From the Host open -> Tool -> Computer Management -> goto Disk Management -> Confirm ALL Drives which are mounted in the Host are OFFLINE

IF Online -> change to Offline
IF Missing -> Drive maybe dead (pull from server and place into a Disk Caddy and see if it spins up) if not assume death and send to Recovery or Replace in array

Step 3: Assuming all drives were present and offline, then focus on the Guest SCSI setup (Known issues of drives dropping off of Guest 75% of the reboots)
Step 4: Open -> Tools -> Hyper-V Manager -> find your FR Guest and right click, choose Settings
Step 5: Now open your documentation you made when you setup the FR Guest - Here is where 95% of our issues were found, Drives will show as Missing
Step 6: IF Missing simply re-add each drive which states as missing and assign it the CORRECT Physical Disk - this is tricky in >16 drive arrays so make GREAT notes from day 1
Step 7: IF you have re-assigned all drives, APPLY and attempt to Start the Guest -> It should start now

Now from inside the Guest - Flexraid Server

Step 8: Now after the Guest Boots you must confirm the drives are Online inside the Guest -> Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management: Confirm all drives are ONLINE
Step 9: Start "dbl-click" Flexraid desktop and login -> Goto Drive Manager: Confirm ALL drives are present and healthy
Step 10: Start Storage Pool
Step 11: Once started confirm it is up by Mapping a drive from a secondary machine to the FR drive share -> If not connecting look into the Share permissions as the issue

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Re: Troubleshooting - Hyper-V Guest w Flexraid
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2019, 07:33:22 am »
Does this tutorial still work or has something changed?