Author Topic: FlexRAID Configuration Disappeared After Bluescreen (But Storage Pool Persists?)  (Read 1608 times)

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OK, this evening I got a bluescreen (Error 0x00000E4). I rebooted the system. Tried to log into FlexRAID GUI and my usual login didn't work.

Tried logging in as blank:blank, and I got in. It looks like a fresh install of FlexRAID now. Wtf.

Open up My Computer, I see no drives present. I reboot.

Again, tried logging into FlexRAID GUI, everything failed. Log in as default blank:blank, and still a fresh install. I leave the machine running for a few minutes, check My Computer and there's T:, which is my storage pool. All files intact, browsable, viewable. The storage pool is even starting the Network Shares it was programmed to do in the config. The old config's name was "TMNT".

However, under the FlexRAID GUI my config is gone (it looks like a freshly installed FlexRAID with no configurations setup yet). I can't view the "health" of the array because in the GUI, it simply doesn't exist. I have no idea what to do from here. I'm not sure if I need to restore the config from the PPU drive, and if I do that, if I need to bring the storage pool offline first and mount the PPU to a drive letter. But how do I stop the storage pool if I don't have access to the config from the GUI? Am I running a risk of losing my 6.36TB worth of files if I start tinkering with this stuff?

I tried editing the config so that the login user & pass was back to what I had it set to before, then I tried rebooting. Didn't seem like that fixed anything. FlexRAID GUI still reads "fresh" (no configurations listed), but the Storage Pool & Network Share is still starting like the configuration is still running.

Something very weird is going on! Please help! :'(

I guess tonight I'll find out if it runs the scheduled "Update" operation at 2AM or not...?

Logs attached in zip format (both log files are contained within).

EDIT: Additional info... The 'TMNT' config was a snapshot array consisting of one 3TB PPU, one 3TB DRU, and two 2TB DRUs. It was pooled into drive T: setup to start on boot (15 second delay I believe). It was setup to Network Share "Completed Download", "Filedump", and "Sorted Booty" at Storage Pool start. The array was scheduled to do a 2AM "Update" operation every day and e-mail me, which it has consistently for the past month or so I've been using FlexRAID.

EDIT2: Seems related to this thread, but I'm going to wait for an official answer since that one never got 'officially' answered.

EDIT3: Also seems related to this thread, and since Brahim answered in there, I'll go ahead and try that out.

EDIT4: Seems to be resolved by the following steps:
  • Stop FlexRAID Service (using services.msc)
  • Browse to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\config\systemprofile
  • Rename FlexRAID-Config.db to FlexRAID-Config.db.bak
  • Copy C:\FlexRAID-Config.db to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\config\systemprofile\FlexRAID-Config.db
  • Start FlexRAID Service (using services.msc)
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