Author Topic: Realtime RAID - how to ditch it & WHS 2011 at the sametime for Win7/Snapshot?  (Read 2128 times)

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This is mostly for Brahim but please feel free to chime in if you know the answer:

Current config is an activated, Cruise Control setup of a Realtime Flexraid Storage pool across 6 drives running on WHS 2011.  3 DRUs, 1 PPU.  FlexRAID version is the latest Combo 2.11

4 Questions:
1) will the next update you (Brahim) recently mentioned take RTR out of experimental stage? (at least on Win7?)

>>>>>I understand why you may feel spending any more time supporting a product with no future (i.e. WHS 2011  >:( Curse you MS) is not a wise use of your time but Win 7 will probably be around for years to come.

2) any general ETA for this next version yet?

I plan to keep my current PPU/DRU disks with a new installation of Win7 on a new mobo and transfer/reuse my current FR license.  Unless your answer to question #1 changes my mind, I will probably switch to Snapshot Raid as well.  I've tried to do my due diligence about how this is done.

3) is there anything specific I should do *BEFORE* I dissemble the WHS 2011 machine and install the new mobo and Win7 OS?

My goal is to avoid any more headaches.

I plan to just stop the pool, shut down the WHS server and follow the instructions I found (see below).  They don't seem to involve any prep steps on the old host computer unless I'm interpreting wrong. 
Also, I'm assuming I just recreate the Parity from scratch.  I couldn't find any instructions on how to migrate RTR over to Snapshot or if that's even possible.  So my final question is this. 

4)On the new computer, do I just format the current PPU and start fresh with cruise control to set up the new snapshot raid? 

>>>>>It's been stated a million times here that FlexRAID leaves the data drives alone so I assume there are no hidden flags, files, etc on my current DRU drives that would trip up my new FlexRAID setup whether it be snapshot or realtime.  Please advise if that is NOT the case.

I plan on following the instructions I found here:

The process to transfer your license has been automated and is as follow:
    Migrate all your drives to the new computer (I'm assuming migrate means physically move - not some sort of license activation/deactivation, etc)
    If using your old configuration database from the old setup, you might need to reset your activation through the WebUI by going to System Control Panel -> Reset Activation
    In all cases, when prompted to activate, opt for generating a Pre-Registration file
    Finally, log into the consumer portal and initiate the license transfer and pasted the content of the pre-registration file in the text area as prompted.
    If you have issues with the automated transfer, please contract sales and start your installation using the free trial while waiting for sales response.

Thank you for taking the time to read and answer.

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Brahim, have I used up all my questions for 2013 already?  I did actually buy the combo license so a little support would be nice.

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Avoid posting questions specific to me as I can't answer all questions.
The goal of the forum is information sharing across users.

1. No.

2. No.

3. None I can think of.

4. The parity format is different. So yes, you have to rebuild the parity when moving from RT RAID to Snapshot RAID.