Author Topic: Good old unRAID community  (Read 2780 times)

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Good old unRAID community
« on: May 06, 2013, 04:27:40 am »
Let me start by saying I am known for my harsh not-hide-behind-my-finger talk when what I say believe it's the truth. Straight is the shortest path if you ask me. Sorry this is what I am. This has given me a ban in this very forum in the past. Then when Brahim realized I am not a "commando" trying to infiltrate the camp (common practice as I've learned in my loooooong Internet/BBS past), recovered my status and actually even started listening to me (some times  ;D ).

Anyway why this "reverse intro". I recently visited unRAID site and forum (as I do periodically to check the status of the product as I am an old unRAID Pro customer - my stick lies somewhere in a closet).
Anyway, seems site was hacked and defaced (and checking their forum I even found out it was not the first time). That by itself is not something major (nowadays, where some just apply a stock install with a template), what is major is the reaction. Or lack of it. Seems Tom was the usual Tom. Took what... a couple of days to actually find the guy? Anyway things are ok now and I won't say more about the incident because what I wanted to say I DID say in their own forum. It's funny I even say "their" as I am also part of THAT community (once quite active too) and seeing how some people "mark their own and their enemies" (or piss their borders) is what makes me make this post.

I don't know what made me (and no it was not the "commando practice" I mentioned myself above), but I read the thread about the hacking where some people have already started pointing it was not the first time, Tom is nowhere to be found and even went further about 5.0 not actually surfacing (for what, like 3 or 4 years???) and 2-3 "wiz" guys take the strafing. That triggered it for me. I realized that it was EXACTLY where I left things years ago. Even the version expected hasn't changed. I pointed that out. Then the funny thing started. The known phenomenon described in the medical community as "I wasn't stupid when I paid my good money for it, you a**hole... so don't make me think I am!". The actual last message in the thread before lock (I want to believe lock came because site was recovered and there was no point for that thread), even went on to using name calling on me. Of course the mods (that don't like me but possibly just cannot admit in public) never did anything about that. MY last post was that I was to leave the forum again and for them to hold their flames to themselves AND to do some extra research before buying something. I didn't even point here (well someone else did it to make himself look smart) and I would never do that in a specific solution's forum (to point to another).

It's funny though. Really it is.
I accepted (was it 3?) years ago that unRAID was fine but VERY limited for my needs (to justify a 24/7 server), next version that was to lift SOME of the limitations was lost in the fog (and I am proven right years later) and I couldn't just wait forever. I lost some money on a bad investment. Not much money. I went forward. Some people just deny to do that and rub their faces on mud... waiting for the mud to be scrubbed off. Well ok, fine by me.

I have a tendency to expand this discussion to other products too (even my motorcycle). Maybe in a later post.

Anyway. Comment as you like (keep it civilized).
I actually wanted to write more, but I have to go, so I cut it kind of short for now.

(Brahim reserves the right to lock or delete this thread - I didn't ask him to make it and MAYBE he doesn't like it - it this "straight NLS guy" that makes such stupid things)

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Re: Good old unRAID community
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2013, 07:42:41 am »
Indeed, will lock the thread.
Got to play nice.

I know I tried to start a flame war with my blog, but that was to try to get unRAID users emotionally involved (given the voodoo spell some of them are under).  :P

Time to let that go and play nice though.