Author Topic: What flexraid engine to use?  (Read 1926 times)

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What flexraid engine to use?
« on: May 07, 2013, 08:44:39 am »
So i just finished my home server build i got windows home server installed and working great. I got the trail of flexraid running too, but i need some help choosing which engine to run. I have 2x 2tb W RED drives and 2x 3tb seagate drives. What would be the best way to run these? I would like to run real time raid just because this server is going to be handling some customer backups for my computer repair company. I would like to be able to add more drives in the future, this will probably happen sooner rather than later im just waiting for a price drop on those WD RED drives. So basically i want to have expandability so when i add more drives i can have better protection against drive failure.