Author Topic: Out put of all missing files when a drive dies  (Read 1673 times)

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Out put of all missing files when a drive dies
« on: June 28, 2013, 09:42:24 am »
Would it be possible to be able to out put all files / path's that were located on a drive that is dropped off the array ?

ie) worst case scenario more drives die then PPU can recover , would be nice to know what to re-download ...

my replacement WD disks arrived and just running flex-raid through its final paces before I swap ZFS Raidz out
 I can live with less redundancy on my multimedia and flex-raid storing at a file level is a big bonus at least when you go past your redundancy levels you don't loose everything

thou its annoying trawling through the massive logs ( that seem to clear on reboots ... )

one thing I have noticed from my last test

when I had 8x DRU and 1x PPU when 1x drive died the array went offline

when I had 8x DRU and 2x PPU the array stayed online when 1x drive dropped off
( minus the data that was on the drive that dropped offline )

when I had 8x DRU and 2x PPU and 1x failed PPU and 1x failed DRU array dropped offline ??

is that normal ? I would have thought with 2x PPU the array should be able to still stay-online with 2x failed disks ?

another thing I noticed ( on Ubuntu ) if I  disconnected sata drive connections from a pool flexraid would not notice them missing no matter how many times I refreshed or stop started pool  only after restarting the service it would discover the drives were no longer their

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