Author Topic: "Start" a new RAID array with Creation of Parity does not actually "start"  (Read 1039 times)

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If I create a new RAID Configuration (with 2DRU and 1 PPU) and click "Start", I am prompted to select an action.
If I select "Create RAID Parity", it starts to initialize the Array.

Once the initialization successfully completed, I would expect the Array to be started. But actually, it appears as stopped.
I.e.: The "Stop" button is still disabled while the other ones are all enabled (With default RAID Options, including "Array Auto Start=false").
I have to click one more time on the "Start" button to concretely start the Array.

I would expect the "Start" button to really start the Array. Otherwise, it would be less confusing to have a "Initialize" button, isn't ?!

Notice: if I set "Array Auto Start = true" before clicking on "Start" in a new RAID configuration, the Array doesn't start either after the initialization.

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Yes this is the same as in FlexRAID (and I actually agree with you, it should be more user friendly and clear on what it does - and be two separately named actions).

First "start" (just once) installs whatever is needed to actually start a new array. The second click of "start" actually starts it.
Again this is only for the first time you create it.

Auto start will not happen if this "do it once" action doesn't take place.

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The start operation is effectively aborted and you are prompted to initialize.
I changed the language of the prompt a bit.