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High CPU usage
« on: July 10, 2013, 03:35:52 pm »
Hi, I'm currently running an eval version of FlexRaid on a new home server set-up.

HP N54L server running WHS2011. I've got three DRUs (4tb, 1tb, and 180gb) spanned to a single DrivePool and 1 4tb PPU

I've successfully set up DrivePool with SnapShot raid, currently set to update once  per day.

All seems to work exactly as planned.... however I've noticed that the cpu usage by flexraid is running constantly at between 35 and 55% which I can't believe is correct, especially when the server is idle.

I've set logging to verbose but there is nothing in the logs indicating what flexraid is doing with all this horse power.

Can you advise?