Author Topic: Truecrypt Array - Restore Tests Successful + How to setup  (Read 5178 times)

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Truecrypt Array - Restore Tests Successful + How to setup
« on: August 07, 2013, 04:23:21 pm »
Posting this for other Truecrypt users;
10TB Array using 2 PPUs, 4 DRUs - All drives encrypted with Truecrypt including PPUs.

1. For each drive, go to windows disk management (right click "my computer", click "manage"), remove the drive letter  (this frees up drive letters)
2. In Truecrypt, select the raw drive, and choose the largest partition of that drive, not the entire drive.  (See Attachment 2)
3. Create "New volume", choose "Encrypt non system partition", continue on until the drive is encrypted.
4. Add the drive to Truecrypt's "Favorites", under those options, choose to have it mount "when connected" and give it a name that makes sense (I chose FLEXRAID DRU 1, 2 etc.). 
5. Do this for all other drives that will be part of the array, use the SAME password for each drive.
6. When finished, check Windows Recycle bin, remove it from all encrypted drives (do this after drive is mounted in Truecrypt)
7. In FlexRAID, simply add the drives normally.  After your array is finished, once your reboot, you'll notice that "Active Drive" pool shows all of them as "missing", this is OK.  Your drives will still appear in the lower list of "available drives".
8. Your array drives will not be hidden from the OS as with non-encrypted drives are in Flexraid.  this is OK.
9. In FlexRAID, add the option of autostarting (if you want), but set the delay (I use 60 seconds), to give yourself enough time to mount the Truecrypt volumes first.  My system boots inside 10 secs (SSD) and the Truecrypt window pops up automatically asking for the password, enter password once, and since it's the same for all drives, they will all mount at the same time. (If they don't, choose "cache passwords" in Truecrypt options).
10. Done, you now have an encrypted array that will automatically mount and you only have to enter a single password at startup.  You may want to look over Truecrypt options so that drives won't dismount on logoff, lock etc.

Brahim wrote:
f all disks show up as missing in the Drive Manager, yes you might have issues restoring.
This is very easy to test without altering your array and if you have some free space somewhere.

This is what you do:
- Remove (copy and back it up before deleting) a file from the array making sure to remember the disk it belongs to
- Attempt to restore the disk where the file was deleted from
- Test 1: try to restore to an external path (only the missing file will be restored, so you only need space big enough for it)
- Test 2: try to restore to the original disk

I tested by deleting a 4GB Movie file directly from DRU 3. 
Restore to C:\ was successful - recreates file and folder structure
Restore to Original location was successful
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Re: Truecrypt Array - Restore Tests Successful
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2013, 11:34:45 pm »
Awesome! :)

Thanks for the update.

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Re: Truecrypt Array - Restore Tests Successful + How to setup
« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2016, 06:20:04 am »
Is there someone who actually got this to work with the last version of Truecrypt 7.1?

Cause it doesn't matter if I try veracrypt or truecrypt, in the end I always get the following message when I try to restore a drive: Error Message: Too many failed devices! Failed=3 Number of devices supported to be restored at a time: 1.

So if there is anyone who got this to work.. would be nice to get some extra info..
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Re: Truecrypt Array - Restore Tests Successful + How to setup
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