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Control music library on PC through android?

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Hey folks!  I'm looking for a software that will share out my music library on my network and allow me to control it from my phone - basically I'm gonna hook up a wireless transmitter to a computer which sends to an outdoor speaker, and I want to be able to control the music from my HTC.

Thanks dudes!

I'm not positive, but I would hope WinAMP would do this. Despite them having been acquired by AOL at some point, it is my overall favorite music player.

I know there's a WinAMP app, too.

If you use it, find it has what you need, I recommend looking into how to run it portable so that the settings are saved with the program.

Once you set it up just the way you want through its many configuration options, it's kind of a PITA to set back up if it or Windows ever needs reinstalled.

Also I can't remember the name but a program is made that can run with it to show the lyrics on the PC, anyway. Don't know if there's anything like that for the Android WinAMP.

You can do this with Subsonic.

Subsonic normally allows you to stream music from your computer to your phone, but it also supports jukebox mode in which the phone interface instead of streaming the music simply controls playback of the music on the computer that's running subsonic server.

Anyone had any experiences with Songbird?  I just stumbled on that program which is supposed to do the same thing as well.

XBMC for PC and YASTE for your phone. Gives you full library/playlist browsing, searching, creation etc.


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