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Can't stream file being actively recorded

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As mentioned here, I'm having an issue with the playback (i.e. streaming) of files which are being actively recorded.  Files which have already finished recording will play back without issue.  I'm using SageTV to record either an MPEG2-TS file via a Hauppauge HD-PVR at ~6.6GB/hr (from a DirecTV box) or a MPG file via a SiliconDust HDHomeRun (not sure of the recording rate, but it's from an antenna).

Any suggestions where to start troubleshooting?

Test with TCQ off and report back.

When I first installed it, I first verified it was working with all default settings and then went to the performance guides.  Here are the additional combinations I've tried and the results:

1. Direct I/O off, SWO off, TCQ off = no perceived change
2. Direct I/O on, SWO on ( 8 ), TCQ off = no perceived change
3. Direct I/O on, SWO on ( 8 ), TCQ on (32) = no perceived change

When I say "perceived", I mean that I did not run any benchmarks, but was still unable to play back an active recording.  What other combinations would you like me to try?  If you want certain benchmark results or copying progress for any of the above or new combinations, just let me know.

Again, this is not about benchmark.

Try with recording directly to a tRAID disk and not through the pool.

No problem, Brahim.  I just wanted to ensure I was being clear about what I meant. 

I mounted 4_4 to a network folder and can stream successfully while a show is recording.


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