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FlexRAID 2.0 Final (new release 2014-08-16)

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FlexRAID 2.0 Final (new release 2014-08-16) (release discussion thread)

--- Code: ---Changes in 2.0 2014-08-16:
- Improved the Restore task in its handling of various non-typical cases
- Minor bug fixes

--- End code ---

--- Code: ---Changes in 2.0 Update 12c:
- Fixes memory leak introduced in 12b in the storage pooling implementation
- Fixes mount error that occurred in rare scenarios with error code 31 or 87

--- End code ---

--- Code: ---Changes in 2.0 Update 12b:
- Fixes activation issues on Linux
- Fixes file ownership changes on Windows
- Updated Windows storage pooling driver
- Updated JET engine

--- End code ---

--- Code: ---Changes in 2.0 Update 12:
- Major update to JET engine to address memory issues
- Fixes activation issues on latest Linux releases
- Made the Restore task a bit more lient
- On new install or when the old database is deleted, the new database file is now fixed to the C:\ drive (no more Windows moving it)
- Fixed a rare bug on multi-parity engine

--- End code ---

Multi-PPU users should recompute parity after updating to this release to address a rare bug that might be affecting them.
This only affects users on releases prior to Update 11e

I have upgraded (uninstalled u11e, reboot, installed u12, reboot) then tried starting the webui, but I got a message to run usermode.cmd. Everytime I tried running it, nothing changed. Then I tried starting an elevated CMD window (run as administrator) and ran the usermode.cmd inside all working.

Just putting this out there to avoid other getting

of note - I was using RDP into the server that FlexRaid is installed on as it is headless.


I'm pretty sure the instructions say to run it elevated, ie, right click run as administrator, anyway. Just double clicking won't work.

When will the traid's pooling features be ported to raid-f?

all I can see is the t-raid host and client install where is the raid-f 12.0 download ??, it said toggle to another tab I don't see another tab. please help


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