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I have a suggestion that is not specific to either RAID-F or tRAID, but rather for the forum itself, so I'm not posting this in the Feature Requests subsection. I see a lot of questions that have wildly different answers based on whether or not the person asking the question has used Cruise Control or Expert mode configurations, I think the RAID-F section should be split up by those two categories because essentially *nobody* mentions it in their initial question. Personally I found Cruise Control to be a considerable amount more confusing and complicated to maintain, yet I think new users will just start off with that since it sounds easier.

I kind of agree. However, I am worried of having too many sub-forums.
I would lean more on finding a way to have users provide that information with their post.

In fact, I am think of a way for users to easily share their config information. I am thinking of a few things, but I have not settled on anything yet.


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