Author Topic: write permissions only to owner and owner group, how?  (Read 1156 times)

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write permissions only to owner and owner group, how?
« on: July 24, 2014, 09:49:56 am »
Is it possible to grand write permission only to file owner and owner group when files are pooled?

I have three persons using my ubuntu media server via windows pc clients: "vieras" (means visitor in Finnish), "weirdinin" and "h5". weirdinin is the system admin and h5 is me. The owner group of all media files in pool is called videogroup.

h5 and weirdinin both belong to videogroup, and permissons of all media files are set as 775. So also h5 has rwx rights. user "vieras" not belonging to videogroup has only r-x rights. Thats what I want. Visitors can use the media in server but cannot modify or delete them.

When mount position (/media) is enabled in fstab (uncommented), everything works and permissions are what I want in /media/video folder. User "vieras" cannot delete files.
However, when I comment mount positions out from fstab and login as "vieras" and browse to /media/Flexraidpool/video, I can delete files! It seems that when media files are pooled, the permissions are screwed and everybody, including user "vieras", can delete files. That's little bit too risky.
Any ideas why permsissions are changed when I'm using storage pooling?

I noticed that in webui there is an option, where you can grand access to others than root. If i set it "false" then i cannot access to pool at all. And if I set it as "true", then I do can access the share but everybody can delete files. And that's not accepteable.

If it matters, I have set
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chmod g+s /media/video so that new files will get same owner group, which is videogroup.
Please help. Any workarounds?
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