Author Topic: Large file error setting up FlexRAID as a NAS for ReQuest F3 Media Server  (Read 1252 times)

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ReQuest AV ( has a media server that I happen to be setting up right now.  It has a test section in the setup where data throughput is measured.  I have a snapshot RAIDx setup with 1 3Tb PPU and 4 3Tb DRU's, all new and sector-by-sector tested with HD Sentinel.  They are all in great shape.

Throughput tests were passed but the media server is throwing an error on the large file copy test.  I have SMB share set for everyone with read/write access on my Windows 7 NAS server and the reserve size setting in FlexRAID set to 50GB.  I tried with the default 10MB but that also caused the error.

Without passing the performance test the media server will not accept the FlexRAID server as an acceptable NAS device.  Any advice is appreciated.

Here is the error log from FlexRAID - the last line seems significant but I cannot understand it:

Code: [Select]
--------------- Storage Pool Start ---------------
[2014-10-09 00:16:18.925591][3712][Mounting Storage Pool]
[2014-10-09 00:16:18.925591][3712][VM already acquired...]
[2014-10-09 00:16:18.925592][3712][Setting global VM env...]
[2014-10-09 00:16:18.925592][3712][Setting handler...]
[2014-10-09 00:16:18.925592][3712][Initializing IDs...]
[2014-10-09 00:16:18.925592][3712][InitCommonIDs]
[2014-10-09 00:16:18.925592][3712][InitCommonIDs] Done
[2014-10-09 00:16:18.925592][3712][InitWinIDs]
[2014-10-09 00:16:18.925593][3712][InitWinIDs] Done
[2014-10-09 00:16:18.925593][3712][InitOSIDs]
[2014-10-09 00:16:18.925593][3712][InitOSIDs] Done
[2014-10-09 00:16:18.925593][3712][Reading live options...]
[2014-10-09 00:16:18.925593][3712][Reading user options...]
[2014-10-09 00:16:18.925593][3712][Building security...]
[2014-10-09 00:16:18.925593][3712][Building options...]
[2014-10-09 00:16:18.925594][3712][Class 1: Mounting...]
[2014-10-09 00:19:14.023747][4068] [WARN]:[OnSetEndOfFile] SetLengthByHandle: error=6, msg=(null)
\ReQuest\.test.dat ->

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I can copy a 5GB file using windows explorer on the FlexRAID server from a Mac on my network to a drive share without throwing an error.  Seems there may be a compatibility issue with the ReQuest hardware.  If there is a tweak that can be made in my snapshot settings I'd love to hear it.  I chose FlexRAID for parity and bitrot protection so not really interested in other flavors without bitrot protection.

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Error codes are Windows error codes:

Code: [Select]
6 (0x6)
The handle is invalid.

Chances are, the program is creating a file too large to fit on a particular disk and it is timing out as the file is getting moved to a different disk.
Make sure your reserve settings are proper.