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I decided I would like to add a layer of offsite backup to my local flexRAID, so I downloaded Backblaze.

Unfortunately the Flexraid array won't show up in Backblaze as a "backupable" drive / device.

Backblaze will not backup network drives / NAS devices but say they will backup any local computer, including external drives.

Currently my Flexraid array is <4 Tb, meaning that if I mirrored it onto an external drive Backblaze would happily back it up!

I have contacted Backblaze -- does anybody have any experience using Backblaze with Flexraid? Is there another service (Crashplan...Carbonite...) that's known to "play well" with flexraid?



--- Quote from: saaby on December 29, 2014, 01:44:00 pm ---Is there another service (Crashplan...Carbonite...) that's known to "play well" with flexraid?
--- End quote ---

I use CrashPlan and it does play well with the FlexRAID pool as the backup source. As for Backblaze, I'm not sure. I originally planned on using that but its software does not support Server operating systems so I went with CrashPlan instead. Does the Backblaze software allow you to choose individual folders instead of complete drives? Perhaps it won't see the virtual drive, but it will see the folders it contains. What about if you change the Removable option of the Pool?

I got a reply back from BackBlaze support. Rather than summarize, as it's short already, I'll post here:

--- Quote ---If the device is recognized as "Removable Storage" rather than a "Hard Drive" Backblaze will not be able to back it up. Devices that identify as Removable Storage are considered to be transient storage, and as such are not able to be included for backup to Backblaze.

If the FlexRAID software allows you to change it to show up as a standard "Hard Drive" it may work normally.
--- End quote ---

I guess the choices are CrashPlan (Java/Ick!) or mirroring everything I want offsite onto an external hard drive (Ick!).

Tough choice. I'll have to sleep on this one!

cant you just set the pool drive as fixed?

Aryn Ravenlocke:
I ran into this very same problem not 5 minutes ago. When I contacted Backblaze, I was told that my 16-drive array that was hooked up to the motherboard of my PC was still considered under the category of NAS. Furthermore, there was no way to alter the settings to fix that issue. So much for Backblaze.


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