Author Topic: tool to suggest drive arrangements  (Read 1093 times)

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tool to suggest drive arrangements
« on: February 03, 2015, 09:11:01 am »

Background: I have never understood how to best arrange my HDD in RAID-F. When I built my 2 servers, I just browsed the forum to see if someone had a similar disk setup and if posters said it was good, I would just copy it.
I sometimes posted myself to ask for suggestion.

Believe me, I really tried hard to understand, I spent countless hours of reading in the WIKI, Forums, etc.
PPU, DRU, URU, spanning, disk size, it's just too much for my brain. so I admit it plainly: I'm just not clever enough.

I have a suggestion to make regarding a potential future version of RAID-F: A little utility that would suggest what drive should be used for PPU/DRU/URU.
I suppose the utility could ask how many simultaneous drive failure I'm willing to risk and then it would use my list of disks and make me some suggestions.

Just my 2 cents,