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BSOD on Pool Start
« on: March 06, 2015, 01:21:57 pm »
I recently added a new drive to my config and since then I can't get the pool to start without a BSOD. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction perhaps in a windows log or event viewer so I can figure out what is  happening and address it. In attempting to troubleshoot the hardware I've done the following:

replaced the brand new drive with another brand new one from a different manufacturer
tried three seperate SATA cables on the onboard SATA port
purchased a SATA PCIe card, same 3x cables
reinstalled FR

Through what is sheer luck I managed to get the pool up and running a few weeks ago but while trying to troubleshoot recent update failures I restarted the machine and now I can't get the pool to run. When the PC boots up the FR service runs and I'm able to reach the web interface, view the drives (all healthy), etc., but every time I select 'start pool' the computer BSODs and reboots. This the tail end of the FlexRAID.sys.c1-1 file if it is relevant at all:

--------------- Storage Pool Start ---------------
[2015-03-06 09:02:10.826531][5616][Mounting Storage Pool]
[2015-03-06 09:02:10.826532][5616][VM already acquired...]
[2015-03-06 09:02:10.826532][5616][Setting global VM env...]
[2015-03-06 09:02:10.826532][5616][Setting handler...]
[2015-03-06 09:02:10.826532][5616][Initializing IDs...]
[2015-03-06 09:02:10.826532][5616][InitCommonIDs]
[2015-03-06 09:02:11.011143][5616][InitCommonIDs] Done
[2015-03-06 09:02:11.158633][5616][InitWinIDs]
[2015-03-06 09:02:11.159636][5616][InitWinIDs] Done
[2015-03-06 09:02:11.159636][5616][InitOSIDs]
[2015-03-06 09:02:11.159636][5616][InitOSIDs] Done
[2015-03-06 09:02:11.160636][5616][Reading live options...]
[2015-03-06 09:02:11.160636][5616][Reading user options...]
[2015-03-06 09:02:11.160637][5616][Building security...]
[2015-03-06 09:02:11.160637][5616][Building options...]
[2015-03-06 09:02:11.160637][5616][Class 1: Mounting...]
[2015-03-06 09:32:28.643846][6108]Unmounting the storage pool
[2015-03-06 09:32:37.402044][5616][Returning...]
[2015-03-06 10:42:14.908816][0740][DLL_THREAD_ATTACH] ID=740
[2015-03-06 11:15:37.404263][2372][DLL_THREAD_ATTACH] ID=2372
[2015-03-06 13:28:44.668046][2788][DLL_THREAD_ATTACH] ID=2788
[2015-03-06 13:41:01.811240][5676][DLL_THREAD_ATTACH] ID=5676
[2015-03-06 13:44:48.655089][1844][DLL_THREAD_ATTACH] ID=1844
[2015-03-06 13:51:04.576768][4884][DLL_THREAD_ATTACH] ID=4884
[2015-03-06 13:52:59.599840][5252][DLL_THREAD_ATTACH] ID=5252
[2015-03-06 14:06:39.378037][6040][DLL_THREAD_ATTACH] ID=6040

Should I set the log level to something different to see what's going on? Is there a way to have FR stop the operation instead of rebooting the machine? I would certainly appreciate any help/guidance. Once I get the pool up and running it's fine, but for some reason I'm having a hard time getting there.

Windows 7 x64
FlexRaid 2.0 Final

I uninstalled FR and reinstalled it and now the pool seems to be working. Is it possible the pool driver is getting corrupted somehow?
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