Author Topic: Windows 10 Preview error  (Read 10423 times)

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Re: Windows 10 Preview error
« Reply #30 on: August 26, 2015, 12:13:00 pm »
Which if you read any of his posts, is exactly what he is doing.  They have a working windows 10 release in internal testing right now.  What more do you want? He may be a little blunt (a little too blunt at times) but he had said that they have flexraid working in windows 10, and are just waiting for the dust to settle on the new OS before deploying it, because a new windows release has, almost with out a fault in the past, been all over the place for a few months.

You seem to be upset there is not windows 10 support yet, and at the same time, say the "competitors" also don't have windows 10 support.  So why would you expect anything to be different here? 

No offense to you personally, but your attitude and actions here are exactly why Brahim, and many developers, don't release the first working version, especially for a new OS.  If your data is important enough to have on a raid, why would you have updated the computer with the raid on it to 10 without checking and double checking it was safe to?  I don't even have regular updates enabled on the server, because deploying updates can have a tendency to break more then it fixes if you are running any kind of complicated setup, until you are sure it is safe.  It is also why it is regularly suggested on this forum to have a test machine or VM running flexraid, that you can install programs and updates to before deploying them live on your real system to make sure they won't break.

It sucks you jumped the gun and updated to windows 10 early, but that isn't Brahim's fault, nor should he rush a release because of it.  He never said a windows 10 release wasn't coming, he said that is will come when then stable build they have running stays that way for a bit longer to make sure they don't have a botched update.  While I do think Brahim could use a little PR buffer because his posts tend to be blunt and harsh, his actions are entirely reasonable and I don't see what the problem is.
Competitors do have working releases out. They are beta, but they work as intended for drive pooling. I did not say I didn't understand what he was saying and I don't mind a brash statement. It just serves no purpose to not put what he claims as a working version out to the users.

At the end of the day myself as I am sure others upgraded to 10 without thinking about flexraid because for me it wasa a set it and forget it. Now we are paying the price for it. Unfortunatly I am stuck without my disk at this point. I know my money has alread been paid for this product but I likely will end up using a competitors because I dont have much more time I can go without drive pooling.

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Re: Windows 10 Preview error
« Reply #31 on: August 26, 2015, 01:58:37 pm »
You two get a room.  :P

There are early release thread in the news subforum:,16.0.html

The early releases above are being released after significant internal testing. If upgrading to Windows 10 was the top priority over the stability and safety of your data, you might need to reconsider your priority. And I say this regardless of what product you use to safe-keep your data. You need to be disciplined about these things. This is not a desktop product like Notepad or BitTorrent. It is a NAS product, and the implications are much more critical.

From our vantage point, we would rather have you complain over us being thorough with the release process than have you complain about losing your data. Once again, support for Windows 10 was resolved long ago. Testing is what takes time.
FlexRAID had its beta days and this community was great about it. These days though, dues have been paid and users have higher expectations for the releases.