Author Topic: Does Anyone Have a Way to Automatically Restart a tRaid Storage Pool?  (Read 926 times)

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I'm always going to be listed as a newbie on this board because I always try to solve my own problems. When I do report an apparent bug, I don't seem to get any response. Since my implementation of the latest tRaid has Broker Service crashes every several days, I am trying to just recover automatically rather than having to manually intervene each time. This would be fine for me until some future release solves the actual problem. I am intercepting the crash via the system service options, sending myself an email report of the crash and automatically restarting the Brokerage Service. However, this doesn't restart the storage pool. To do that I have to manually "stop" the pool from the webui, even though it's not really still running and then start it again. Does anyone have a way to automate this restarting (stopping and starting) of the storage pool? Ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks.