Author Topic: few questions, I want to change my 4tb ppu to a 6tb ppu, can i? how? and  (Read 1174 times)

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Sorry if this question has been answered many times, i find flexraid pretty confusing still.. Ive had a full purchased version for maybe 2 years now, but never any real issues that have forced me to figure out how to use it.

Im running low on space again, i currently have 4x4TB hdd's, and rather than add another 4TB to the pool which ive done before.
Id like to add a 6Tb> hdd and make that my PPU drive, then allowing me to use the current 4TB ppu drive for storage, and until i need more space, then i can add 6TB after that.. since the ppu cannot be smaller than any drive in the pool.
Im pretty sure this is simple enough, and i just need to rebuild the pool..

Also, i made the mistake of adding a partioned 50gb drive space into my pool, and i cant seem to remove it. Its the remaining space of my ssd which has WHS 2011 on it.. so if i ever need to change that drive.. i know i shouldnt have added that 50gb partition into my pool. But i did, oops.

thanks for any help

edit: also to note, im using cruise control, and i cant physically remove the drive i want to remove, since its a partitioned piece of the OS ssd.. maybe i can just format the partition in drive manager? theres really nothing on it that im worried about losing, but it would be nice to see/know how to remove its contents onto a drive with space.
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i guess i need premium support to get a simple question answered around here.

i guess i need to clone my OS to another drive, remove the ssd to simulate a failed drive, then see what options i get.

but as far as replacing my 4tb ppu with a 6tb ppu then using the 4tb as a ddu after i format it.. dont wanna risk losing that backed up data..
but if i understand correctly it wont matter cause once i chose the 6tb as a ppu, id rebuild the entire array
maybe then i can remove the partitioned drive myself.

alright then
i'll figure this out myself :)

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Its not a simple question, thats the reason (at least my quess).
What you are trying to do (i believe) is simple, but theres lots of variables you are throwing in thats making it a little complicated.

You appear to have two issues:

Issue 1:
the partitioned ssd.
- Kill pool (and config)
- recreate pool/config (intialize ppu, by wiping all ppu data, do not create off old ppu data; you might be able to use the old ppu data, but with the wierdness of your setup, I wouldnt chance it)
- look in paritition and copy any data (that you want in the pool) out of it into the pool

Issue 2:
new ppu
- there are guides on replacing the ppu already, so not sure what you are asking.
- you also appear to answer your own question, you just need to rebuild the pool, theres a guide to do this without rebuilding the pool
- either rebuilding the pool or not, its very simple to do, and you data will never be in jeopardy

total solution:
if, and I emphasize IF, because I barely understand what you are asking, IF I understand you, I personally would just start over
- kill the pool/config
- wipe the any ppu's you had (using normal formatting techniques) (you don't need to do this, but I would advise it given your wierd paritiion issue)
- your old ppu should be blank now, as well the the new 6tb one (again the only reason you are doing this is because of the partition issue, without the partition issue you would not need to recreate the parity)
- recreate the pool, using the 6tb one as the ppu, and the 4tb one as another dru
- you will need to intialize the pool, which means calculating all the parity again from scratch (you could get around this, but I would advise against it with your partition issue)
- once the pool is created, and the parity is computed (will take a long time), you can copy any data that was in the partitiion into the pool if you want.