Author Topic: Trouble saving to the array over SMB network  (Read 481 times)

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Trouble saving to the array over SMB network
« on: January 23, 2017, 11:41:38 am »
My Snapshot array runs headless on a Win 7 Pro machine.  Most everything is done from a Win 7 Pro workstation that has a wired Gb connection to the same GB Switch.  I use Remote Desktop to login on the rare occasion I need direct access to the OS or System Files.

I store my media library on the server and manage the video library with a program called TinyMediaManager.  I populate the media into the program and then create/edit each title with artwork and metadata.  Clicking <Update>  saves an .nfo file (that contains all of the metadata) in the same folder as the original video file along with all of the artwork.

My problem occurs when I load an existing file into TMM and edit the .nfo file.  After editing everything, the first time a click <Update> the rewrite of the .nfo file fails and I get an error in TMM saying that access was denied.  If I subsequently hit <Update> again within a minute or so, the .nfo is then rewritten successfully.  This is 100% repeatable.

I know this is FlexRAID issue because if I try the same thing on a standalone drive on the same server that is not controlled by FlexRAID, the saves are processed the first time I hit <update>.

It is strange that I have to basically ask twice to save the file.  Another thing I have noticed is that if I try to do updates in batches of larger than 175 or 200 files I can never get them all to update successfully.  For example, if I edit 250 files (maybe changing the genre or something) and then hit update, they will all fail the first time.  The second time I hit update, it will tell me that 12 of them failed to get access.  The number seems to be kind of random, though.  It could be 23 or 12 or 8.  It's like there is a limited # of access allowances or a limited amount of time on the second attempt.

Is there a setting somewhere that I am missing. 

Incidentally, this isn't limited to my use of TMM.  If I try to overwrite an existing file on the array from Windows I will get a "Destination Folder Access Denied" pop-up.  If I hit "Try Again", it works fine.  Same behavior, different application.
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