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verify sync failes shortly after starting fue to "disk error"

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had a failed disk.
unfailed, checked data, was fine
ran verify sync on array
a couple minutes in it aborts due to many red error messages like:
error code 1073741668
operation aborted due to disk error!
failed UoR position = 5
failed uor id = xxxxxxxxxxx

not sure how i should proceed.

windows event says the dropped disk has bad blocks
chkdsk says there are no problems
checked data on the drive, and it looked good
not sure how to get the array going, seems like things are ok, but the verify tasks give errors

Could be mechanical issues that pop up when the disk is under load. Check SMART.

maybe i should replace it.  i try to run a disk test on it and that fails to run a few seconds in as well.  but the smart data is saying the disk is fine.

That would indeed be the safe thing to do. Another possibility could be that the controller port it is on is bad.
So, if the replacement disk has the same issue on the same port, then you have a new lead. Otherwise, you will know that it was indeed the disk.


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