Author Topic: FlexRAID Storage Pooling vs Drive Bender (particularly for Network Drives)  (Read 1023 times)

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I have several network drives (in this case, NAS devices) which I want to pool together, possibly also with a few local hard drives (though I'd want those to be last in the list, such that the NAS locations get filled first). I'm primarily evaluating Drive Bender and FlexRAID. I'm only interested in the Storage Pooling feature -- I don't plan to use Drive Bender's duplication, or FlexRAID's Data Protection (RAID-F). The data that I will be storing will all be a massive CrashPlan archive (which is made of up of lots their proprietary, encrypted files). I have CrashPlan installed at this location, and I'll be backing up to this location via CrashPlan's "backup other computers to this computer" feature.

I'm interested in folks opinions and experience regarding FlexRAID Storage Pooling vs Drive Bender. I'd also be interested to hear about any similarities or differences in the underlying architecture of each (ie, ways they each do storage pooling the same and ways they do it differently, on a technical level).

Any other comments, thoughts, etc. on why you'd recommend (or not) FlexRAID's Storage Pooling over Drive Bender's software would be welcome.

I'm also having several technical problems getting FlexRAID Storage Pooling to work, which I've posted in a separate post (,49277.0.html ).

Thanks much!
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