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FlexRAID config gone after Windows 10 Update?


This is just a test VM, so no data was lost, but I am trying to learn FlexRAID to use it at home.

I installed a fresh Windows 10 VM. Installed FlexRAID and the Web GUI thing.
Added some disks, etc. Everything was working fine.

Windows 10 had a big update, So I let the update run (Which seems to basically reinstall the OS over itself)
After its done I can launch the FlexRAID GUI, but there is no config there any more. I can see the .DB file in the root of the C drive still.

I do see a "NZFS Web Client Service" (running), But I don't see any 'FlexRAID" service?

Are you intending to run tRAID or RAID-F?

There is no FlexRAID in tRAID. There is the web client (NZFS Web Client Service) and the broker service (NZFSB).
I see no reason as to why the Windows upgrade would erase the configuration DB. However, if you don't see your configuration, that's likely what happened.

You should be able to reconfigure as no data is affected.

Ok, So the broker service was missing. The Windows 10 refresh must have nuked it or something.

What I did was reinstall the Gui package and that seemed to put the broke service back and I was able to see everything again after a reboot.


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