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Missing Folder
« on: July 16, 2017, 02:56:55 pm »
I have been using FlexRAID very happily for years.  In the beginning, I kept a closer eye on things, but FlexRAID has performed remarkably well for me...not really any significant trouble.  I do have a few files that I can't seem to delete, but that's another matter...  In the past few days, a folder has gone missing.  This folder contains a number of subfolders and files.  The folder is in fact a subfolder itself.  As far as I can tell, other folders around it are fine.  I just can't find this one folder.  Unfortunately, I can't say exactly when it went missing (I do access it a lot, but did not as much as normal recently), and I cannot say for sure which DRU the files are on.  I have 6 DRU and 2 PPU.  Although I don't believe I did, I suppose I could have accidentally deleted it.  My update is daily.  So, I am pretty sure it has updated since the folder/files went missing.  The files may have been on the DRU1.  This is where most of the folders nearby it are...and I do seem to remember I used that option.  7 of my 8 drives are 8TB.  1 is 3TB.  The DRU1 drive has 217 GB free space.  I believe this size is large enough for the missing content.  Any suggestions or thoughts?  Thank you.