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Licence file is hosed. Can't get back Raid-F Snapshot working. Says no licence.



My flexraid service couldn't be stopped and based on support posts, I deleted the config file, and a file within ext/vt  folders (I had to do a rebuild, and it was failing with a locked up win 10 machine.

Now my license key file nor my purchase code will work (one from 2014). Sent a general email in but now I can't use anything until I get a response. I know, several days likely....

Is there a better way to get back up and running?

You dont leave much information for peaople to go on.

But if everything is working exept your lisence, couldnt you start a trial to get your machine up and running again?

Yeah, that's what I ended up doing. Now trying to rebuild but the PC seems to lockup into the parity build. Diagnosing.....


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