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FlexRAID One™
Alright guys, time to start talking of what's next for FlexRAID.

The past direction was to have 3 products:

* FlexRAID RAID over File System (RAID-F)™
* FlexRAID Transparent RAID (tRAID)™
* FlexRAID Standards (sRAID)™
The current direction is for a unified platform: FlexRAID One™.

The benefits are numerous with the most important being:

* streamlined development
* and product features being fully available across the boardAs an example, the Storage Pooling feature is far more up to date on tRAID than it is on RAID-F. Many RAID enhancements present in tRAID/sRAID are missing in RAID-F. There are going to be new monitoring and management features that will be common across the products. Rather than releasing such new features on one product and porting them later to the other products, it just makes sense to have a singular platform where all features are delivered.


* Port RAID-F to run natively

* RAID-F already follows a client/server model just like tRAID does (service currently runs on 9595 and UI on 8080) even though it is a single package install
* The server part of RAID-F will be ported natively and merged into the tRAID service broker
* The client (UI) part of RAID-F will be rewritten into the current tRAID UI
* Transform the current tRAID UI into the new FlexRAID One UI

* This new unified UI will manage any number of hosts regardless of the OS and will support managing RAID-F, tRAID, and sRAID arrays.
* This unified UI will have two modes:

* the current tRAID style mode, which will be known as the advanced configuration mode
* a new simplified mode, which will be known as the quick setup/monitoring mode
* Improve RAID-F

* A few mechanics in RAID-F need to be fully re-implemented. We'll discuss those during beta releases.
* Add more automation to RAID-F. One such automation is being able to collaborate with the Storage Pool to detect important data changes and trigger the Update task or notify the user of Update being needed.
* Improve tRAID (already done, just waiting for release)
A lot of significant improvements were made to tRAID that have yet to be released. We will discuss of them during beta releases.

* Improve monitoring and user notification

* Users have long complained of the email/sms/UI messages needing major improvement. So, this will be worked on.
* Overall though, FlexRAID One as a platform will need new monitoring features as well as a new elegant monitoring dashboard.
* Release sRAID (ready, only needs UI re-work)
* Release new RAID engines (already fully implemented, only need to be released)
*** This is not a thread for rants. If you have nothing constructive to say, keep it moving! :) ***

RAID-F Native Port (update logs)

* RAID engines port (completed)

* T1+ (RAID 4) (completed)
* T2+ (RAID 6) (completed)
* Tx (RAID∞) (completed)
* * T1/T2 engines will be retired in favor of the T1+/T2+ engines
* I/O mechanics port (completed - phew!) This was 60% of the entire porting effort! :)
* Crypto port (completed)
* Threading port (completed)
* Snapshot RAID tasks port: (started)

* CreateParityTask (started)
* CreateMultiStepsParityTask
* FastExpansionTask
* VerifyParityTask
* ForcedSyncVerifyParityTask
* ValidateParityTask
* QuickValidateParityTask
* BaseUpdateParityTask
* ReSynchParityTask
* RestoreParityTask
* RestoreMultiStepsParityTask
* MigrateMetadataTask
* CheckHardLinksTask
* CheckInvalidDatesTask
* CopyDataTask
* Real-Time RAID over File System (RT-RAID) tasks port
* RAID-F orchestration port (started)
* System configuration services port
* Integration into tRAID broker service
* New Pooling integration





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