Author Topic: Had errors causing crashing, reinstalled latest build.. Where's my key?  (Read 1130 times)

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I was getting jet.jit.cache errors related to flexraid somehow, i was running an old version from 2014 so i installed the latest.

I assumed it would auto scan my system, i looked for my key before i installed the new build.
Brahim, can you PM me and find my key by my email address, full name, etc.

That key is buried under 5 years of emails.. Im not sure why there's not just an option to update.

btw im running whs 2011.. ive been up and running without an issue since 2014, the last 3 or 4 days my server has crashed to a non responsive state and i need to power off and restart

it wont even allow me to use the program as a trial, wtf

i followed YOUR wiki directions to just uninstall the old program, install the new one.
thanks for the heads up that my server would get fucked in the process.

why design a program that cant store its own key or update itself?
really pissed off that i cant even run a trial
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