Author Topic: ITX server motherboard recommendations?  (Read 1668 times)

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ITX server motherboard recommendations?
« on: July 20, 2015, 03:44:39 pm »
I've already bought my new server case, the Lian Li Q26. I bought it with the intention of getting an AsRock E3C224D4I-14S. However, since then I've read a few bad things on it. So I'm just here looking for advice on which motherboard to choose/other peoples experiences with them. I'll be running Flexraid on top of Windows Server 2012, it's pretty much just going to be used for Plex only. But with up to 3 streams at a time (and a little headroom for more if needed). I'll be using 10 HDDs and 3 SSDs, so 13 drives in total. So this is what I've narrowed down to so far:

AsRock E3C224D4I-14S: 'Extended ITX' but it will fit in the case. Has all the Sata/SAS ports that I need. Plenty of RAM slots, plenty of fan headers. However, I've read that the RAM slots are hit and miss with this board, and I've heard the SAS controller is rubbish? I'm looking for someone who has had this board to tell me whether or not it was a good purchase. If they've had problems with the controller etc...

AsRock EPC612D4I: An E5 ITX motherboard. Absolute overkill, I've no real need for an E5. But, it gives me the option of more power. Plenty of Fan headers, not enough Sata so I'd need to get a SAS card too. DDR4, can't decide whether that's good or bad... Keeps my server that little bit more up to date, but it's more costly.

AsRock E3C226D2I: Probably my budget option. It'll leave me spending less on a CPU and RAM. Takes an E3, I'll still need to buy a new SAS card. Not enough fan headers though, which is the biggest downside for me. I'd rather they were plugged in to the motherboard. I suppose this 'budget' board will be the one I'm mostly looking at alternatives for. There isn't a lot of ITX server boards out there...

I've seen the Avoton motherboards, they seem almost too perfect. But people seem to be split with them. Some saying it leaves films stuttering some saying it works fine etc... I think I'll leave them out.

And finally the D-1540 motherboards seem beyond perfect. But at £750, I think they're a bit out of my price range.

Also, to note. I'll be using 6TB HDDs with this build. I imagine any new motherboard will work with them. Just thought I'd note that down too.
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