Author Topic: Coming at a crossroads - The future of FlexRAID  (Read 62547 times)

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Re: Coming at a crossroads - The future of FlexRAID
« Reply #195 on: November 11, 2012, 10:43:20 am »
Well, I just tried out FlexRAID for the last few days and playing with a few empty drives (all I have right now).    I am very impressed.  It is very well designed and fairly easy to use even without the tutorials.  I am just going through some of them now and as FlexRAID seems to be just what I'm looking for, and support is good, I purchased the RAID/pooling license that is currently on sale.  I still have plenty to learn, and the wiki is here to help.

One of the other software RAID configurations I was seriously looking into was ZFS under Solaris/OI.  For various reasons, primarily FLEXibility, FlexRAID won the contest.  I will be adding drives as needed (server can handle 24) over the coming years.  This will be primarily a home media server with anywhere up to 3-4 audio and/or video streams running concurrently.

I am curious as to what NZFS will bring to the table and will likely purchase that as well when it has matured a bit.  I'm not sure if this can be answered since NZFS is not even here yet, but will a storage pool under FlexRAID upgrade relatively easily to the NZFS system?  I guess that depends on how NZFS is designed...

Brahim ... Thanks for all the hard work!