Author Topic: Adding network shares as pooled storage  (Read 1131 times)

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Adding network shares as pooled storage
« on: December 31, 2015, 06:45:37 pm »
hi all
Must be missing something basic. Trying out Raid-F (or tRAID in future) on small offc LAN set up as a workgroup NOT a AD domain.   Lots of network shared folders available to add to make pooled storage.   In each case tho I have to specify a username-passwd in order to access each available share.. Where can i specify that in Raid-F (and also for my own info in tRaid)

Looked at quite a few threads in this forum and particularly this thread,3657.0.html

MODIFIED a few hrs later:
Well one has to invest a few hours reading these forums and I think i am almost there now, THE question that remains is HOW to use these pooled network shares as an N+1 , so the data is at least on 2 separate hosts (2 separate network shares jus in case a LAN user decides to turn off their machine).

So for others' sake, thus far,  here is what i have learned.
First and foremost, the appropriate FlexRAID windows service has to be modified so in order as to have all the target network shares wishing to be used + pooled under FlexRAID in the list of FlexRAID shares.
referred to:

But i don't think the names of the services in above FlexRAID wiki article reflect the current version of the named services anymore, further i suspect that the services installed under tRAID are probably the right services to look at now, so I will uninstall RAID-F and now install tRAID to experiment with some trial & error as to find out ..

Thus far here are the threads to be studied in order to get to this point:,81.msg449/topicseen.html#msg449,81.msg425/topicseen.html#msg425,936.msg7986/topicseen.html#msg7986,618.msg5367/topicseen.html#msg5367,1563.msg11528/topicseen.html#msg11528,1398.msg16461/topicseen.html#msg16461

NOTE below: :-)) NO Tossing of BONES, "EVERYTHING is on the WIKI" .. HA!! so DIG DIG DIG !!,304.msg2827/topicseen.html#msg2827,1520.msg11283/topicseen.html#msg11283,304.msg2825/topicseen.html#msg2825,1935.msg13520/topicseen.html#msg13520,618.msg5295/topicseen.html#msg5295,1373.msg10440/topicseen.html#msg10440,1055.msg8618/topicseen.html#msg8618,1055.msg9171/topicseen.html#msg9171,1055.msg8889/topicseen.html#msg8889,295.msg2736/topicseen.html#msg2736

Well, i am guna "stay" the course here & persevere to learn this method, (After all it's NY eve 2016 and i havfta make "SOME!" resolutions aft all, HA!)  it's either that or (laughingly said) recode TAHOE-LAFS or FreeNET to pool and aggregate CIFS shares within a LAN or pay lots more per LAN & install Aetherstore.. HA! (joking) anyways Happy New YEAR 2016!! everyone, .. will post back more and perhaps contribute a wiki page on my wanting to do this task after i become proficient with this product. HNY!
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Re: Adding network shares as pooled storage
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2016, 05:36:00 pm »
1. Thing the various network share have different credentials, this will not work. All shares must have the same credential.

2. You will need to run the RAID-F service executable under the user that has access to those shares. By default, the service runs under the local system account. See this topic: