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Whats a good raid to go with for my system?


Ok i want to ask as im a newbee to raid and anything server wise,

I currently own a drobo and another server (intel scaleo server) both of which i do not have running nor have i set either of them up,

I run a mac desktop as well as a few windows laptops,

I wanted to know what type of raid i could thro any formatted disc into? Or do they have to be formatted to a specific system before a server type here would read them?

I want to be able to have a central local for pictures, serve movies and itunes as well as possibly a headless kodi to a few different streamers i currently have? (Mysql perhaps in that case? I dunno?)

Would it just be best to use my mac pro as a server since most of my hard disks are already hfs + journaled?

Or is it possible to just take my discs from that computer and thro them into an enclosure and have them work with a specific form of raid? Wether it be transparency or another one?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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