Author Topic: WARNING: Do NOT mess with a working tRAID/RAID-F setup!  (Read 110 times)

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WARNING: Do NOT mess with a working tRAID/RAID-F setup!
« on: April 23, 2019, 10:47:38 am »
** Posting this in more forums as people are still overlooking the one I placed in the news & updates forum **

I'm seeing a few people with activation issues.  Sad to say, you're all likely out of luck at the moment.  Brahim has been MIA for several months now.  This has happened before (for even longer) and he has always returned (so far), but during this time, it's likely no development is happening and there's definitely no customer support available; we're completely on our own.  That means the customer portal may or may not function properly, purchases cannot happen, licenses likely cannot be transferred or activated, technical support is unavailable, etc.

Therefore, if you have a working setup, DO NOT willingly make any major changes to your system.  If it's working, keep it working as best you can.  Don't swap major pieces of hardware.  Don't upgrade the OS to a major new version.  If your RAID setup decides the changes require activation, you're likely screwed until the developer returns.

If you're forced to make such a change due to hardware failure or otherwise and you require activation, your only option will likely be to wait for the developer.  That means either going without any further data protection or switching to another solution.

Personally, I'm optimistic he'll be back at some point and, as long as my setup keeps working, I won't be switching to anything else.  Clearly, everyone needs to do whatever they feel is right for them.