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Purchase Code Expiry
« on: April 02, 2012, 08:11:44 am »

I have purchased the software but you have give me a code which will only last 7 days. I am in the process of building and testing different versions of OS for two different HP Microservers. As I am currently debating on which model to use the N36L or the new N40L model which the later doesn't arrive for 5 days as the HTPC. The other one is going to be used as an ESXi Virtual server for work cluster testing which I don't need your software for.  I suppose I wouldn't have this issue if I could click on the trial period which doesn't seem to work as per other threads I have read you have not got working.

If I activate this on my machine will I be able to activate this again when i rebuild. As I didn't want a one time activation key as this is going to cause me great issues. Also what would happen if my machine crashes and I need to rebuild as i don't think its viable to wait another up to 48 hrs for another code that's if you even send one?


I just got through your activation key. I now understand that I can reuse this. It would be advisable to adjust your initial e-mail to inform purchasers that they will receive the key after activation. Also when i activated it, is it tied to the hardware address of the motherboard?
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