Author Topic: Installation problems in arch linux with .BIN and install script  (Read 960 times)

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  • There BIN file has no instructions and does not execute.
  • The install script reports 'Unknown OS'.
  • The linux installation guide on the wiki is over three years old

I'd write a support ticket, but I think your support emails are routed to /dev/null.

Why is everything customer-related so BAD with you guys? The product is great - but you never respond to things, and if you do it's 6 months later. The website(s) are often confusing in one way or another, and information is hidden away inside some page 15 forum post.

Yes, I'm whining - I'm just a guy with a small HTPC who paid what I considered good money for your software and while the product has done what it said it would, I regret the purchase due to the pains of communication when something does go wrong.

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