Author Topic: It'd be nice to have some sort of trigger  (Read 1479 times)

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It'd be nice to have some sort of trigger
« on: May 01, 2012, 09:58:37 pm »
As in a way for FlexRAID to let other programs such as the task scheduler or LightsOut that it is performing a validate, verify, update etc.

I'm mainly thinking in terms of LightsOut on my WHS 2011 server.  It can look for certain executables, and not suspend the server while they are running, but there's nothing I can use for FR, since it always has flexraid.exe running in the background. 

I can also have it stay awake for a given amount of CPU, but this is also proving problematic.  Apparently there was a 9 minute window during last night's verify where the CPU usage dropped below 19% and it suspended 91% of the way through.  I can't really set the target percentage lower, or it tends to stay on far longer than needed.

A dummy process, file, environment variable or some other way to say that FR is involved in something important would be helpful in cases like this.

I guess we could use expression scripts in the meantime to accomplish the same sort of thing and I'll look into that, but it seems like a good idea to have something built in.  FWIW. ;)

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Re: It'd be nice to have some sort of trigger
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