Author Topic: [Solved]Ubuntu 12.04 Trial Error "Trial request pre-registration failure!"  (Read 8153 times)

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Hi Brahim,

Yes I know I can login as root as a user but I have never tried to start/run FlexRAID when logged in a root session. I have tried running FlexRAID as root within a user session. This is a great angle! I will try this shortly.

This has started to make me wonder if the DM has influence on any of this. I am using LXDE with LXDM. When I try this and get back here, I will also try to see if using another DM such as SLIM or GDM or even a direct xinitrc method has any effect on this.

Acronym overload!

Hahahaha... Just joking. I had to write that.

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On Ubuntu 12.04 everything installed fine and FlexRaid initializes with no problems.

I ran into Trial request failure reported in this thread.  After trial and error it turned out to be an ntfs internal drive that was causing the issue.  After removing it all the other internal drives that I setup as ext4 had no issues.

After flexraid was setup I just connected the ntfs hot swappable drive and copied the data over to the pool.

So if you are receiving this error and you have a ntfs internal drive connected maybe that is also the reason for this error for it was for me.

I've switched from Windows with FlexRaid to Linux and working great so far.
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Re: [Solved]Ubuntu 12.04 Trial Error "Trial request pre-registration failure!"
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Thanks for the report.