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FlexRAID 2.0 Update 8 Final (release discussion thread)

--- Code: ---Changes in 2.0 Update 8:
- Driver update for Windows (minor fixes)
- Fixed bug with removing drive from a Real-Time RAID configuration
- Fixed bug with Real-Time RAID affecting programs like Crashplan
- Fixed bug with license management affecting certain hardware changes
- Fixed Windows storage pool bug whereas a rare bad resource allocation would result in crash
- Major overhaul of Real-Time RAID low level implementation making it much more robust
- Important refactoring of the Linux storage pooling implementation
- Fixed scheduler bug affecting scheduling by day-of-the-week

--- End code ---

--- Quote ---FlexRAID 2.0 update 8 has major changes for Real-Time RAID.
RT RAID users will be required to re-create their RAID after updating to that build.
Do take note of the new property added (see attached screenshot).
It should be set to your filesystem cluster size.
This normally can be set from 1 to infinite, but the technical reasons to set it to something other that the cluster size will need to be discussed in a separate thread.

If you don't want to recreate your RAID (not recommended), you will still have to delete your configuration, create a new one with your drives added in the same order as prior, set the "Minimum Allocation" property to 1, and finally initialize the RAID choosing to keep the existing parity.

--- End quote ---

Oh, Oh.  Uninstalled U7, installed U8, cleared my cache, deleted the FlexRAID database, rebooted. Opened up FlexRAID, created a brand new clean SnapShot Cruise Control config, opened up the new config and ... the configuration box is totally blank.  No Home link, or anything, just blank. Have I done something wrong?

same here - even on a new box fresh install i got the empty box with cruise control. went back to previous release, no issues

Try clearing your browser cache, could be a change in the web interface :)

Same here.

As a result, I'm unable to start my pool.

Rolling back to u7.


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