Author Topic: Localization of the Web UI: Translators requested (English speakers too)  (Read 4015 times)

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Localization of the Web UI

Alright guys, it is time to start localizing the Web UI for our international friends. This however applies to English speakers too.
Everything on the Web UI is designed with customization in mind. The current texts and labels I have for the UI should be considered as defaults.
English users that don't like the way I have named things get a chance here to change that. Furthermore, localization can be done based on a country's dialect of a given language.

Attached is the set of resources that needs to be translated.

Localization takes the following pattern:
1. FileName.Extension
2. FileName_<ISO Language Code>.Extension
3. FileName_<ISO Language Code>_<ISO Country Code>.Extension

Two letters ISO Language Codes can be found here:
Two letters ISO Country Codes can be found here:

Resolution starts with 3, then 2, and falls back to 1 as numbered above.
That is, if there is no translation for your country, the translation for your language will be looked up... and if there is no translation for your language, the default bundle I created will be used.

All translations must be UTF-8 encoded.

Here are quick descriptions of the files to be translated: These are messages coming out of the FlexRAID core engine in response to command executions.[/list] This file contains most of the UI labels, tooltips, messages, etc.[/list] This file contains UI messages that are parametrized. [/list]
          *.htm: These files contain blocks of HTML text that should be translated. [/list]

          Each translator should start a separate thread in this sub-forum for his/her language so that feedbacks specific to each translation effort can be organized.
          Only general questions and comments should be posted in this thread.
          Most of all, big thanks to all those that will step up and participate in the translation.

          nulbox brought up the important topic of versioning.
          The latest versions of the attached files to be translated are in the SVN repository, which is located at:
          It is accessible publicly using a web browser or an SVN client, but you will need an account to commit changes (PM me if you need an account).
          If you don't have an SVN client (or don't want to use one), you could download the files from your web browser and merge changes graphically using WinMerge (
          Also, just for fun, I have also setup TRAC (a project management software) at:

          What is SVN? It is a repository for versioning artifacts like source codes.
          To access the repository from Eclipse, you might want to install:

          To access the repository from Windows, you might want to install:
          To access the repository from Mac OS X, you might want to install:

          Here is a nice client support all major OSes:
          For more information about subversion, please visit their official website:
          If you have any questions about the software, there's a great subversion forum site here:

          How to test your translations? How to change the language?

          Unfortunately, you can't locally test your new translations. In order to test them, you need to commit the files to SVN, and request a build to one of the developers (wait, there aren't that many... yes, just Brahim  ;))

          Once you have installed the new FlexRAID with your translation, to change the language, change the Locale.js file in your install directory, and stop-start the service for that change to take effect.
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          Hi Brahim,

          I've attached the Dutch translation.



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          I have published your translation to the SVN repository.

          I have updated the ConstantText, MessageText, and CommandMessage files.
          Please update your translations.


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          I'll update the pt-BR translation as soon as I finally debug some error I've got

          I'll post about it in the official release forum