Author Topic: Seagate Chirping noise Firmware fix! (Bye Bye random high pitch Chirp sounds)  (Read 4045 times)

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My specific Chip fix was for the 3TB Barracuda (1TB/Disk Platform) one listed here:

All drives:

"Seagate Releases CC4H Firmware For 1TB/Disk Barracuda Hard Drives - Fixes Chirping
Today, Seagate released a firmware upgrade for the Barracuda (1TB/disk) family of hard drives (models ST3000DM001, ST2500DM001, ST2000DM001 and ST1000DM003). The new firmware download, version CC4H, is recommended to enhance the performance and/or reliability of the drive. Previous versions of firmware with these models and part numbers are CC46, CC47, CC49, CC4C, or CC4G. The upgrade is a free download available here and we are told that this helps with the chirping noises that some users are complaining about."
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