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General Discussion / License help no key has been sent
« Last post by fraky on Today at 10:13:02 am »

I purchased a license for traid back in Feb and I still haven't had a key through and now my array is no longer accessible, I've reached the maximum number of times I can extend - I've tried

- the priority order in the consume portal - no response
- sent messages through the contact us form on the website - no response
- emailed sales at flexraid (several times) - no response
- PM Brahim through the forum - no response

I've not had access to my array (and hence data) for two weeks now, hence posting on the forum to see what I need to do to get access to my array

General Discussion / New CPU
« Last post by ebu on April 21, 2018, 03:59:55 pm »
Hello ,

will changing the CPU of my PC have an impact on the flexraid license?

Because the last time by changing the motherboard and my cpu, I had to buy a new license.

General Discussion / Presale Questions
« Last post by AlanT on April 17, 2018, 05:47:34 pm »
Just checking here if I've gathered the most recent information from the forums regarding what I'm planning to do, and which version I need.

I'm a photographer / videographer, and many of my recent jobs have produced over 100GB of data to be stored.  I edit the files on the internal drives of my system, and when they are complete, I move them to external hard drives for long-term storage.  Occasionally, I update these files with fresh edits, but not often.

My main computer is running Windows 7, and I have a MediaSonic USB ProBox holding (4) 6TB drives.  Previously, I had been using the drives separately, with 2 drives for media storage, and the other 2 for backups.  I recently purchased (2) 8TB USB drives to expand my long-term storage.  I would like to use my drives more efficiently, and something along a RAID-5 setup would be nice.

I looked into the RAID-5 USB enclosures, and they won't use the drives I have now, being mostly WD Blue/Green drives.

Would it be feasible to pool the (4) 6TB drives to hold the main media, and set up another pool with the 8TB drives for backups using FlexRAID-FS?

Sounds like this is the system I need, although it also sounds like I won't be able to set up 2 separate drive pools.  Is this correct?

If I'm limited to only 1 drive pool, what is the best way to utilize the drives I have?  While I do want to do whatever I can to ensure the safety of the media, the world won't end if I lose files.  My preference would be to use 30% or less of my drive space for backups / parity data.

At this point, I really only have 2 main concerns.

First, there are a number of reports in the forums of folks losing data from updates happening after a drive fails.  I also see in the trial version of FlexRAID-FS that it's not getting the S.M.A.R.T.  data from the drives in the external enclosure.  And while there are some references to coding that can help the software, it's not clear, and appears to requires an engineering degree to understand.  CrystalDiskInfo can get the data by itself, so why can't this software?

The other concern is the many reports of the developer going AWOL for months at a time without any backup support to serve in his absence.  Taking a break from time to time is perfectly okay, but leaving customers without any support is not.

From my research, it looks like FlexRAID may be my best solution, as long as I can figure out how to configure it for my needs.

Thank you.

- Alan
tRAID Bug Reports / Re: Scheduler strangeness
« Last post by Reddwarfusa on April 16, 2018, 10:55:15 am »
I would agreed, except it happened on two separate systems with no relation to each other.  Neither of us could get scheduler to work, we both had differing ppu sizes (i had changed one of mine) and scheduler would fail.  We tried the experiment on each system and low and behold the scheduler ran.  Might be a coincidence but something very strange, and never had a problem since.
News and Updates / Re: FlexRAID One (Roadmap)
« Last post by Brahim on April 16, 2018, 10:05:59 am »
Expect some updates in a couple of weeks.
tRAID Bug Reports / Re: Scheduler strangeness
« Last post by Brahim on April 16, 2018, 10:00:52 am »
The sizes of the PPU disks certainly have no effect on the scheduler.
Certainly a coincidence.
Snapshot RAID / Re: What size drive do I need?
« Last post by cogliostrio on April 15, 2018, 12:48:02 pm »
You would need enough storage space to store what you have. Pluss some space to grow your collection.

As an example (since you dont mention how much space you currently have for you files).
You could use 2 drives for storage (DRU) + 1 drive for parity (PPU). Just remember to keep the drives the same size.
News and Updates / Re: FlexRAID One (Roadmap)
« Last post by Hammerfest on April 13, 2018, 07:12:02 pm »
Just wanted to pop in again, been a few months!

Still looking forward to this, having to use another solution (was looking forward to Standards, now I guess its One, RAID6 with acceleration!)

Let me know when Beta begins, eager to try and if it pass's all internal tests, buy :D
Snapshot RAID / What size drive do I need?
« Last post by pahbi on April 13, 2018, 08:36:42 am »
I want to purchase flexraid to provide data security for personal media type files.  Video, photos, music, documents etc...

The snapshot raid seems like the best option, for me.

But my searchFU is weak, and I can't find or figure out how to determine what size drive I need for my snapshot raid.

Can someone point me to a calculator or documentation to help me?

- P
tRAID Bug Reports / Re: Scheduler strangeness
« Last post by Reddwarfusa on April 11, 2018, 12:05:34 pm »
In case this is useful, we think we found a root cause.  For some reason is the PPU drives (running two of them) are differing sizes the scheduler will not run properly.  We changed noting except the parity drive sizes to match and then everything worked normally.  could this be some sort of bug?
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