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RAID-F on Linux / Storage pool mounts as root - Cannot share folder over SAMBA
« Last post by Srdjan on October 14, 2017, 03:57:19 am »
I hope that someone can help me out with this problem.
I am running Ubuntu Server 16.04.3 LTS and I have successfully installed flexraid and created a storage pool that works locally on the Linux Environment. The problem is that I cannot share this folder over samba because every time the pool is started it is created with root privileges. This cannot be changed. I have searched for Days and it’s very frustrating. I come across this thread:,3350.msg22573.html#msg22573
I noticed that I did exactly the same but without any luck. In my case my pool was already located correctly  (\media\ice\Storage) but it still doesn’t work. The storage pool is always created with root privileges.
There is nothing wrong with my samba network. My other folders that doesn’t belong to the pool can be shared over samba just fine but those folders are created by me. What is wrong here?
Appreciate any kind of help.
FlexRAID™ on Windows / Re: Backblaze
« Last post by jasonjrf on October 13, 2017, 01:20:25 am »
This is a super old post but I found it on Google so someone else may as well especially because now Crashplan which I have been using is no longer offering the home user 6 dollar a month backup plan you would need to switch to a business plan.  I installed backblaze and my flexraid pool would not show up.  Like someone else stated in this thread all you have to do is set the pool to fixed and not removable and it showed up in backblaze for me and is working fine.  I don't like that you can't exclude the C drive in backblaze that is just silly so you have to exclude every folder in the C drive if you don't want it backed up.  They should just let you pick folders you want to back up instead of excluding everything you don't want backed up that is just rediculous.  However once that is done the speed at which BackBlaze backs up is as fast as your net will allow.  Crashplan throttled bad it took me 6 months to backup 5 TB of data with Crashplan BackBlaze is doing it much much faster.
Snapshot RAID / Re: A fix for an issue with drives go missing during Update
« Last post by Bazinga on October 12, 2017, 12:00:00 am »
That's great news. But the smiley at the end of your message isn't that assuring - the release ETA is unknown?
Snapshot RAID / Re: A fix for an issue with drives go missing during Update
« Last post by Brahim on October 10, 2017, 11:27:06 am »
This has been fixed... just pending release.  :-[
Snapshot RAID / A fix for an issue with drives go missing during Update
« Last post by Bazinga on October 09, 2017, 12:10:48 pm »

Is there a plan to address the issue reported by many here? The issue is related to Update process corrupting the parity when one or more of DRUs drop off during the process. If you have an ETA - it'd be great to know when that is.

Snapshot RAID / Re: FlexRAID Snapshot - My Experiences
« Last post by Brahim on October 07, 2017, 09:13:56 pm »
As per that wiki page, worry only about the type mapping. FlexRAID will typically handle the path mapping.
General Discussion / Need Help with License Transfer
« Last post by tehseano on October 07, 2017, 03:14:25 pm »
Just to answer some questions:

Yes, I followed all of the instructions found here:
-I am using a NEW Mobo/CPU/RAM/etc
-I am using the OLD hard drives

I have tried logging into, and using the license transfer button. I enter my pre-registration data and it says unable to process request, contact sales.

I have sent them an email however, my entire server is currently offline pending some human reads their email. Would love to know of some other workaround to get it back up and running.

Trial does not help because FlexRaid also does not want to recognize the old drives as the old drives and simply sees my pooling drives as missing, and shows them all under un-pooled). I've followed quite a few guides on the subject, and I'm doing everything I can think of just to get my data pooled again. Essentially all I'm trying to do now is to just recreate a new raid configuration but everything I want to do requires a license and I'm near just purchasing a new one, but the lack of support and the fact my data is still in tact, is urging me to find a new solution.
tRAID on Windows / Drives Not Configuring on New Server
« Last post by tehseano on October 07, 2017, 01:32:33 pm »
Hey mates, so I recently upgraded my server (Mobo, CPU, RAM), and am currently waiting for a response from the sales team in regards to resetting my license (I did follow their instructions for the automated process but it didn't work), in the meantime, I'm trying to set it up under the trial.

When I pull up my FlexRaid configuration in drive manager, it shows all of my pooled drives as missing, and they all show up under un-pooled drives. I did not realize I needed to backup my configuration specifically until after doing all of this. I did my research before hand and everyone just kept saying "your license, your license!", so I tried to take care of that specifically and, well now I'm here. Good news in, all my drives are showing independently with their data on them from the looks of it so, no data loss from what I can tell. Is there any way to re-assign the missing drives since they're all still there and in tact, just not "registered" or something? Thanks for any help anyone can provide, I'm without a running server until someone can help!

Let me know what information I can provide to help any troubleshooting.
Snapshot RAID / Re: FlexRAID Snapshot - My Experiences
« Last post by Bazinga on October 07, 2017, 12:43:46 pm »
Brahim, thanks for the pointer. That wiki page links to a page that's not there anymore. I think it should link to this now:

Took me a while to understand what that is all about, however, I'm still not really sure. I need to somehow match the results of "--scan" to drive letter, and so far I'm not sure what's the best way to do that.

When running "smartctl --scan" I get this:

C:\Program Files\smartmontools\bin>smartctl --scan
/dev/sda -d ata # /dev/sda, ATA device
/dev/sdb -d ata # /dev/sdb, ATA device
/dev/sdc -d ata # /dev/sdc, ATA device
/dev/sdd -d ata # /dev/sdd, ATA device
/dev/sde -d ata # /dev/sde, ATA device
/dev/sdf -d ata # /dev/sdf, ATA device
/dev/sdg -d sat # /dev/sdg [SAT], ATA device
/dev/sdh -d sat # /dev/sdh [SAT], ATA device
/dev/sdi -d sat # /dev/sdi [SAT], ATA device
/dev/sdj -d sat # /dev/sdj [SAT], ATA device
/dev/sdk -d sat # /dev/sdk [SAT], ATA device
/dev/sdl -d sat # /dev/sdl [SAT], ATA device
/dev/sdm -d sat # /dev/sdm [SAT], ATA device
/dev/sdn -d sat # /dev/sdn [SAT], ATA device
/dev/csmi1,0 -d ata # /dev/csmi1,0, ATA device
/dev/csmi1,1 -d ata # /dev/csmi1,1, ATA device
/dev/csmi1,2 -d ata # /dev/csmi1,2, ATA device
/dev/csmi1,3 -d ata # /dev/csmi1,3, ATA device
/dev/csmi1,4 -d ata # /dev/csmi1,4, ATA device

I believe that [SAT] devices are the ones behind my SAS2 card.

Also, my "System Control Panel" tabs only have any information on Overview - i can pick a drive and get a pie char with a temp, but nothing else.
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