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Sorry Brahim,

Latest version.  New reinstall of whs2011.  Shares simply dont stick after a reboot.

I do indeed configure them via the window explorer.  Shares can then be seen across the netwok.  As soon as I reboot the server, the shares disappear.

I have a storage pool only licence and configure with expert mode.

Having to run 2.0 to get shares to stick.

Another person here who simply cant get the shares to stick.

Just downgrade to 2.0.  It works.

2.1 is clearly buggy and or too unintuitive for normal people to get working.


So, say I have 4 movies files of an equal size.  Will flex raid put one movie on each disk(I accept that the four drives appear as one large disk to windows), so if one disc goes down I still have 3 movies, or will it put a piece of each movie on each disc thus meaning I've nothing easily saved?

I hoping its the former and flexraid does not split up files.  I want a raid0 type system without total destruction should a drive fail.  Hope flexraid is the answer!

Storage Pooling / what happens with a drive failure in a storage pool?
« on: April 07, 2012, 02:36:05 pm »
I am interested in flexraid.

I have a WHS2011 server with 4x2TB drives in it.

I dont wish to RAID 5 it as I dont want to sacrifice any drive size.  The data thats on these drives (mostly blue ray movies) can all be easily re-ripped should the drive fail.

Anyway, my question is.

If I create an auto storage pool that fairly distributes the data over the four drives, what happens if one goes pop.

Does all the data go down, just like RAID0 or will I be able to access all the remaining data on the other three seemlessly?

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