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Same thing happened to me after migrating an entire RAID-F array from a windows 8 PC to another with 8.1. It shows the same error (yellow exclamation mark) under portable devices.

Tried to uninstall it, it still reappears.

RAID-F version is 2.1 and the storage array is set as non-removable.

Any ideas?

Snapshot RAID / Re: verify failure - is this bit rot?
« on: December 19, 2016, 07:43:28 am »
Same here for the past 6 months.. have been trying versions 2.0 and 2.1 to no effect, both show exactly the same behavior..

Buying Recommendations / SAS 9201-16e and FlexRAID
« on: October 03, 2016, 10:04:47 am »

I have been using the 9210-8i card flashed in IT mode as indicated for a while now to a great success. However, due to a change of server hardware and the already-consumed available capacity of the card (8 disks), I am thinking of upgrading to a 16-port card.

Has anyone been using the SAS 9201-16e card with FlexRAID? Is there a difference between stock and other OEM implementations (e.g. Avago H3-25379, Dell KV5JY H3-25379-01K)

The external disks will be housed in different chassis using 2m SFF-8088 -> SATA breakout cables, such as

Thank you!

Errors still persist.. logfiles sent..

Unfortunately RAID is not operating as intended (i.e. as a RAID)..

Any help would be appreciated..

Hello Brahim,

Issues in the logs keep emerging with numerous files being reported. Any chance in reviewing the logfiles sent?

Thank you

Hello Brahim,

Issues in the logs keep emerging with numerous files being reported. Any chance in reviewing the logfiles sent?

Thank you

Hi Brahim,

Any luck in checking the logfiles for the source of the erroneous RAID-F operation?

Thank you.

I need the full logs in TRACE mode please. You could zip them up and PM me a link to them if needed.

Hi Brahim,

Check your PM. Several current logs from 2.0 FlexRaid version are available to download in a single archive.

When you have the chance, give them a go as the validation issues still persist.

Thank you in advance.

If other file types are affected, then we can rule out the codec issue.
I will look more into it. However, I need the complete logs for all users affected.

Hi Brahim,

The except I included in my previous post was from the FlexRAID log. What kind of additional logs do you require and how can I forward them to you with privacy?

Thank you

tonym is correct, this topic was erroneously created within Realtime RAID area whereas it relates to Snapshot RAID mode  ::)

Regarding filetypes, I experience issues with all filetypes on the disks, namely mkv, rar, mp3, avi, mp4, flxr, iso .. As of codecs, I also have no additional codecs and/or codec pack installed apart from the ones coming along with Windows 8 and the VLC player that has been installed on the PC. However, mp3 files (for example) are opened using Windows Media Player by default, not VLC.

Try running Memtest86+.

For those reporting incorrect Validate alerts, what is the result of Verify?

Hi Brahim,

Memtest produced no errors.

The log except regarding Verify operation has as follows:

Code: [Select]
[2016-05-02 14:00:00,450] INFO : Trigger verify.Media Library[verify][Every Month at: 14:00:00
[Starting = 2016/05/02 14:00:00]
[Ending = null/null/null null:null:null]] fired job Media Library.Media Library[verify] at:  14:00:00 05/02/2016
[2016-05-02 14:00:00,560] INFO : Executing verify...
[2016-05-02 14:00:00,560] INFO : [verify] started at: Mon May 02 14:00:00 EEST 2016
[2016-05-02 14:00:04,163] INFO : Using RAID engine Tx
[2016-05-02 14:00:04,194] INFO : Starting verify at: 0 - Number of bytes: 2929372168192
[2016-05-02 14:30:30,297] ERROR: Verify failure: bit mismatch!
[2016-05-02 14:30:30,343] ERROR: At byte: 600163793...
[2016-05-02 14:30:30,343] ERROR: NOTE: C:\FlexRAID-Managed-Pool\class1_0\{b684f5f8-5e2a-11e3-be6e-001bfc657c36}\TV\1234.mkv was open at the time of the failure
[2016-05-02 14:30:30,343] ERROR: WARN: corrupted file => C:\FlexRAID-Managed-Pool\class1_0\{b684f5f8-5e2a-11e3-be6e-001bfc657c36}\TV\1234.mkv
[2016-05-02 14:30:30,343] ERROR: NOTE: C:\FlexRAID-Managed-Pool\class1_0\{b684f5f4-5e2a-11e3-be6e-001bfc657c36}\TV\5678.mkv was open at the time of the failure
[2016-05-02 14:30:30,343] ERROR: WARN: corrupted file => C:\FlexRAID-Managed-Pool\class1_0\{b684f5f4-5e2a-11e3-be6e-001bfc657c36}\TV\5678.mkv.mkv
[2016-05-02 14:30:30,343] ERROR: NOTE: C:\FlexRAID-Managed-Pool\class1_0\{53f6c4f8-b155-4f17-91dc-4f617705a005}\000001.flxr was open at the time of the failure
[2016-05-02 14:30:30,343] ERROR: INFO: healthy file => C:\FlexRAID-Managed-Pool\class1_0\{53f6c4f8-b155-4f17-91dc-4f617705a005}\000001.flxr
[2016-05-02 14:30:30,343] ERROR: ***Failure details for parity: 1***
[2016-05-02 14:30:30,343] ERROR: Buffer size: 1048576 - Number of failed bytes in buffer: 1
[2016-05-02 14:30:30,343] ERROR: First failure at position: 600163793 - Last failure at position: 600163793
[2016-05-02 14:30:30,499] INFO : Verify failure: operation aborted!
[2016-05-02 14:30:30,562] INFO : [verify] completed at: Mon May 02 14:30:30 EEST 2016

Please note that NO disk utilities OR antivirus are installed on the PC.

Unfortunately in my case, after reverting to 2.0, deleting the previous configuration, reformatting the PPU drive and recreating the RAID configuration, I still get several validate errors for files I know that they are not corrupted. Moreover, the files are reported at both the on-board SATA controller AND the LSI SAS9211-8i controller (BIOS version version

I don't know what else to do as it seems that nothing remedies the situation. Please also note that antivirus is completely disabled (incl. Windows Defender) on the PC and no OS upgrade/downgrade has taken place.

Unfortunately, even after reverting to v2.0 of FlexRAID, I still get several different files of all types (videos/mp3s/documents) as corrupted during the validate operation. I have deleted the entire array, checked the individual disks, performed several tests (incl surface) using leading utilities and then re-created the array.. to no avail! The FlexRAID log shows files as corrupted placed on many different drives.

All disks are either connected to the on-board motherboard SATA ports or to a LSI 9211-8i controller and the oldest disk is about 2 years old. I have also excluded the array drive letter from Windows Defender scanning and nothing else tampers with the array in order to alter the file checksums and make them appear as validate errors.

Any ideas?

Thanx! Got it!

Hello to all,

I'd try to rollback to version 2.0 but accidentally I must have deleted it (I haven't been able to locate it on my PC).

Has  anyone a download link for the latest 2.0 Windows build?

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