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Storage Pooling / Enabling SSD Acceleration of RAID-F Pool
« on: June 06, 2016, 06:11:34 am »
Not been running FR for a while since my key got "upgraded" into "invalid" state due to a hardware change :-(

Enabling SSD Acceleration of RAID-F Pool

That is my aim, to use an SSD as the landing zone. If I made ALL my HDDs restricted volumes then the SSD becomes the default write location and I then need a script to move files from SSD to HDDs (which could be quite a fun exercise since the HDDs are restricted).

However, depending on how FR works it could be easier:

Consider: 2 Unique volumes allowed (one SSD, one HDD), Auto Folder Priority enabled (i.e. files go onto disks which have the folder already created first) and both drives have the same folder structure.

I assume Flexraid writes a new file to
A) The one with most free space, rather than...
B) The first drive in the list of Unique volumes, rather than...

However, if it did (B) then you could easily enable SSD acceleration by putting the SSD as the first volume in the Unique volume list.

I've noticed t-RAID offers SSD acceleration but RAID-F does not. Is this something that could be added (i.e the B scenario) ? ? ?

Storage Pooling / Recycle Bin Problems
« on: September 08, 2015, 12:20:09 pm »
Was running latest FlexRAID-2.0-Final_2014-08-16 and installed 2.1 Test builds with same results.

Not using the RAID functionality, just Pool. Tried with and without disabling the Recycle bins on drives.

I have 6 drives pooled (5 of which are "hidden" with mount points and one which is drive D visible) in pool Q

If I delete a file on D it goes completely as I have no recycle bin. Not really what I want!
If I delete a file on Q it goes into Flexraid's bin. I open the Windows Recycle bin and there are two copies of the file there. Strange but not fatal.
If I empty the recycle bin, I get an error message:

Item Not Found - Could not find this item - This is no longer located in Q:\$Recycle.Bin\Recycle Bin. Verify the items location and try again $R3R13KS.exe. Skip and the bin empties fine.

Any tips/hints please?

General Discussion / Invalid state - Unexpected EOF
« on: December 13, 2013, 05:03:52 am »
Using Intel SATA ports (B75 chipset), plus 2 Marvell ones (onboard) plus an IBM M1015 flashed with the r17 LSI 9211 firmware in IT mode (dumb controller). I have tried this with the controller in a PCIEx4 slot and in the PCIEx16 slot (no difference). I have tried using Windows own drivers, latest LSI drivers and those drivers with the power management mod. Same in all cases.

My FlexRAID fails when trying to create parity with this sort of message.

An exception has occurred!
See logs for full message.
Error message: Invalid state - Unexpected EOF on C:\_Mounts\TV1\My_Video\TV (archive)\Defying Gravity\Extras\dg.s1d2.tof.iso
An exception has occurred!
See logs for full message.

I tried TRACE for logs but no great revelations.  The file will reliably copy from the drive to another drive but just won’t read reliably for parity calculation purposes. Today I see a drive has dropped from the controller so I tried creating parity again without that drive but same issue.

Any ideas for what to try now?

RAID-F on Windows / Pool keeps dying....
« on: December 12, 2013, 11:07:33 am »
I have 11x3Tb drives, all in the same Pool. One is my Download/Scratch drive. There was me thinking I'd been smart to keep the frequent changing data out of the FlexRAID array!!

I have 10 of the drives in my FlexRAID, excluding the Download/Scratch drive.

Whenever I try to update my FlexRAID parity the pool dies...  I can re-start it but it shouldnt do that

Log says:
[2013-12-12 14:41:41,464] INFO : Executing update...
[2013-12-12 14:41:41,465] INFO : [update] started at: Thu Dec 12 14:41:41 GMT 2013
[2013-12-12 14:41:57,475] INFO : Using RAID engine Tx
[2013-12-12 14:43:40,283] INFO : Unmounting View...
[2013-12-12 14:43:40,283] INFO : Unmounting View complete...
[2013-12-12 14:51:11,497] INFO : Initiating FlexRAID Storage Pool...   [THIS IS ME MANUALLY RE_STARTING POOL FROM THE WEB INTERFACE!!!!!!!!!!!!]
[2013-12-12 14:51:11,529] INFO : Host OS = Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
[2013-12-12 14:51:11,529] INFO : Building View Registry...
[2013-12-12 14:51:11,529] INFO : Building Auto View Registry...
[2013-12-12 14:51:11,532] INFO : Loading View options...
[2013-12-12 14:51:11,974] INFO : Using Auto-View definition...
[2013-12-12 14:51:11,974] INFO : Building View Handler...
[2013-12-12 14:51:12,031] INFO : Mounting Storage Pool drive...

Any ideas?

General Discussion / Not Simple!!!
« on: July 06, 2013, 03:27:32 pm »
Maybe I'm too noobish for tRAID but having removed my fRAID (which didnt want to update parity as it was scheduled to) I tried to set up tRAID instead.  A blank 3tb parity and five 3tb drives with NTFS partition and data onboard. Each of the data drives has a drive letter assigned and I finally managed to bulk register the drives but they ALL show as icons with a padlock on and none of them can be added to a tRAID config...

I note that (despite being told we need data on the drives) all the drives in the Wiki page are shown as being added with no data on them.

I'm confused... and now have no pool as well as no RAID :-(

EDIT1: It might be because the 3Tb drives all show as Partition 2 on drive XXXXX (cos they are GPT/GUID drives, set up under Windows 7x64) ???

Snapshot RAID / Removing a HDD from Snapshot RAID
« on: May 18, 2012, 01:54:52 pm »
I have my Flex set to run Chkdsk before updating each night but Chkdsk often reports problems with my "active" drive where there is activity so I'd like to remove it from FlexRAID. Its largely backed up elsewhere so I am happy to lose it from my FlexRAID.

Question is can I do so without having to rebuild my parity totally? I certainly can't remove the DRU as it says its locked and cannot be removed.

Before I zap and rebuild the lot is there some cleverer way?

Storage Pooling / Running EXEs from Pool
« on: November 05, 2011, 05:35:48 am »
I had a problem with Steam (and a few other programs) similar to in the old forum.

For the record my solution is to install/run the program using the direct address (ie. if you have added drive letters to the Pool then install using the drive letter and not the Pool letter OR if you used drive mounts then install to the path using the drive mount)

eg: C:\mounts\Disk1\My_Game_Installs\_Games\
eg: E:\My_Game_Installs\_Games\

Storage Pooling / Delay Windows App Start
« on: November 03, 2011, 11:18:14 am »
OK I understand (?) there is a need to delay the start of FlexRAID for 15 seconds or whatever.... but I have several Windows apps that load files from my pool and without the drive existing they basically get very confused.

Is there an easy way to make those apps load AFTER FlexRAID's pool is active? Is this where the FlexRAID scripts come in?

Snapshot RAID / Exclusion List
« on: October 20, 2011, 03:30:26 pm »
OK I admit I have no idea how RegExp works. I've switched to FlexRAID from SnapRAID mainly because Flex adds pooling which is really neat.

But SnapRAID was easier (for me at least) to exclude files in the Conf file. Eg:

exclude \My_Backups\
exclude \My_Uploads\
exclude \My_Downloads\
exclude *.bak
exclude Thumbs.db
exclude *.tbn
exclude fanart.jpg
exclude folder.jpg

How can I do that in FlexRAID? It seems to want me to specify paths etc.

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