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Title: New Server Build
Post by: asian on May 29, 2017, 01:13:04 am
Hello there all.

I am currently building a new server for my Flex-raid.
I am moving the hard drives to a new server but i remember that when i tried to move the drives to a new PC the licence key failed.

Sales then informed me that the i did too many hardware changed, but i only upgraded my hard drive over the years.
And maybe added more memory.

So i need to know some things before i go out and buy an new licence.

1: I have not seen any new version of RAID-F as i am still using version 2 as version 2.1 corrupted some of my data.
2: I need a honest answer here is RAID-F been maintained as a lot of people is asking the same questions and if it is still maintained when will we expect a new version or maybe a preview of the new version.

So before i buy a new licence because my old PC/Server is busy dying is it still worth the money to go and renew it.

So if anyone can be so kind and be straight forward with your people can we get a answer if this is not too much to ask.