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Yeah I had a sneaky suspicion that this may be the case. My previous belief was as you said - that FlexRAID won't perform an update if a disk is marked offline. But then all the issues with 2.1 at the moment....

My only problem with going back to 2.0 is that I'm running a Windows 10 box. Has anyone successfully got 2.0 running on Windows 10?



I've noticed a few posts lately with issues relating to updates and failed drives, and one post caught my attention

Is it possible that it did a update when the drive was failed?  Any way to tell?
- TdiDave, 10/31/16

If a drive fails, and a successful update is performed, are you able to still restore that drive? For example, I run an update every day at 3am. If I didn't notice that a drive had failed for 48 hours, would I still be able to retrieve the files? Does FlexRAID fail the update when it detects a DRU is missing / states 0 size?

Anybody able to clarify?

This is a known bug with the latest version of Flexraid - I ran into this several months ago,  posted a bug report requested by Brahim, but as yet, nothing seems to have been resolved.

That, and other issues regarding updates &  validation make me very very worried for my data. I'm hoping that a new version will be released soon, but I'm also very concerned that the forums have become what appears to be abandoned - hopefully the developer will come back soon.

Snapshot RAID / ACL controls in Raid-F
« on: January 18, 2016, 06:53:35 pm »
Hi all,

Hoping to get an answer on this one, as the last post on this particular feature was back in September.

I need to enable ACL on my Raid-F locally as I need some folders protected from access by other users on the same PC. I can't find the option anywhere in the GUI, so it looks like its still not implemented at the GUI level, but Brahim said there is a way to enable it outside the GUI.

Brahim, are you able to PM me with the details, and I understand the risks that come with it. In this case, applying security at the share level won't suffice.


RAID-F Bug Reports / Re: Cutting & Pasting folders/files - they're gone!
« on: December 11, 2015, 09:10:34 pm »
Hi Brahim,

Any update on when this might be addressed? The ticket on the bug reporting site is still sitting as open.


RAID-F Bug Reports / Re: Cutting & Pasting folders/files - they're gone!
« on: December 01, 2015, 04:44:26 am »
Hi Brahim,

Have done so - any idea on when a fix might be pushed out? If I disable the Universal Recycle Bin, will that resolve it temporarily?


RAID-F Bug Reports / Re: Cutting & Pasting folders/files - they're gone!
« on: December 01, 2015, 04:20:41 am »
Ah! I've just done another test of this, and can confirm the files have ended up in the .@RECYCLER$ folder - this doesn't appear to be the Windows Recycle bin...

RAID-F Bug Reports / Re: Cutting & Pasting folders/files - they're gone!
« on: November 30, 2015, 06:05:01 am »
PM sent with screencast.


RAID-F Bug Reports / Cutting & Pasting folders/files - they're gone!
« on: November 30, 2015, 12:11:54 am »
Hi all,

Running Raid-F (build 2015-11-01) with pooling on a Windows 2012r2 box. Have noticed over the last few weeks that a few scripts set up to move files from one location to another have been failing due to the files disappearing - I suspected it may have been happening to due the naming of the files in question, so didn't think too much about it, and recovered them manually.

However, I went to manually move a large number of files from one folder to another yesterday, and the files just disappeared - no warning on merge message from Windows, nothing - the operation completed and then they weren't in the new location. I did a full search on the storage pool, thinking they may have gone elsewhere in a misplaced right-click, but no results. Then, when FlexRaid performed a scheduled update, I noticed it reported the missing files as deleted files, not changed. This raised alarm bells - luckily I have the original data on another backup, but I'm now concerned about the consistency of all my other data.

So, this is the situation:

- I had two folders named exactly the same - we'll call them 'FOLDER-MASTER'. One existed on the root of the drive, the other existed under another folder.

- Both folders had differently named sub-folders within them, and differently named files.

   ROOT -                                               FOLDER -
            - FOLDER-MASTER                                 - FOLDER-MASTER
                    - SUBFOLDER-A                                       - SUBFOLDER-X
                    - SUBFOLDER-B                                       - SUBFOLDER-Y
                    - SUBFOLDER-C                                       - SUBFOLDER-Z

So, using the above folder mapping, moving the files from the left side to the right side, using standard Windows cut & paste:

- I right-clicked on the left FOLDER-MASTER and selected cut
- I right-clicked on the right FOLDER window (somewhere in the white space) and selected paste.
- The moving files dialog showed up, with the graphical representation
- The files disappeared from the left side
- The files did not show up on the right side
- The right side remained exactly the same
- No folder merge dialog popped up

I had a look at the logs, and could not see anything other than the scheduled update info and startup messages FlexRaid generates on startup. I repeated the above operation with another folder that had a counterpart named exactly the same, and got the same results.

At this point, I'm stopping all background scripts that run on the pool until I'm convinced that data consistency can be maintained.

Can somebody (Brahim maybe?) let me know what other information I can provide in tracking down this issue.


Scratch that last post of mine - have run into a bit of a showstopper.

I went to reboot my machine to prepare for the Windows 10 upgrade, and when I logged back in, my FlexRAID was not starting the pool because of a "License Exception: Is the feature you are trying to use licensed?" message when I headed into the configuration.

So I reset the activation again, activated, and I could start my pool (with another issue I noticed, mentioned below). So, acting on a hunch, I restarted again, and yep - license exception again. I won't try activating again until you can get another build out fixing the issue (and, by the by, can I get you to reset my activations for this workstation back to what it was before I installed 2.1 so I can get the correct number of activations attributed to the purchase code - PM me!)

As well, I noticed that upgrading had also changed the volume name in Explorer - instead of being my custom 'megaraid' volume name, it now reads 'FlexRAID Storage Pool'.

Hi Brahim,

I've also successfully upgraded one of my machines to 2.1, and now about to upgrade to Windows 10.

I know you've fixed the bug, but I also too have run into the issue of the pool auto-start not saving.


Real-Time RAID / Issue with RT Raid and Filesync programs
« on: September 20, 2012, 06:14:29 am »
Hi All,

Been using FlexRaid for over a week now, and the more I read of it the more I love. I've already bought 2 licenses for my main computer and storage server.

But I have run into one issue - when I try to transfer a large amount of files, my FlexRaid drive goes read-only. Before I get into the issue, first my specs: I'm running Windows 7x64 SP1 on a Core i7-3700k with 32gb Ram, with Version 2 update 9 final of FlexRaid installed. I've got 3x2tb drives in my RT Raid / Storage pool - 2 DRU's and 1 PPU, configured using the do's and don'ts specified in the Wiki, with a file allocation size of 512kb.

So what I'm doing is transferring 2tb from my old computer (soon to be the storage server) via a 1gbit ethernet connection using Syncback to manage the file copy process. I've also used MS SyncToy, which gives the same result.

After a period of time, the FlexRaid will become read-only - I can still create folders, rename, delete - but I can't with files. I keep getting a permissions error. Going into the Web Console is no help - I get an error (can't remember it but it is repeated here on the forums - to which the solutions have been to clear the browser's cache, but that hasn't worked here). So I have to stop and start the FlexRaid service to get back into the Web Console, but then I can't start the storage pool.

To get that running, I have to restore the storage pool's backup, and then run a reconcile task, followed by a forced sync. Obviously, this takes a long time, but at the end, I'm able to start up the FlexRaid storage pool and continue with my copying until it happens again.

Has anyone else seen this behavior, and is there a fix? It's going to be annoying to have to reconcile the storage server when it comes into play like this as there will be lots of people writing and reading to it at once.



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